About Jen Salisbury

Welcome to my world.

I’m a mid-twenties, self proclaimed modern day ‘That’s So Raven’, with a thick Minnesotan accent and a daily goal to drink my weight in Diet Coke. Born and raised in Minnesota, to the typical white picket fence American family. Life was easy, until it wasn’t.

& here we are. Technically speaking, I’m a newlywed with anxiety, who dabbles in being a hypochondriac, living with a constant struggle to lose weight and find my best self. Figuratively speaking, I’m basically dying, over and over, every singly day.

I dream of owning a large amount of acreage so I can adopt a cluster of puppies, but in the suburbs, and near a Target. I’m constantly growing, changing, rearranging, surviving, and thriving. If you’re not new here, you might know that I used to be a part of alwaysampersand.com, which used to be the way I connected with my world. Now, I’m just- me, Jen Salisbury. Welcome to my life. 

I promise to be entertaining…