Lifestyle, May 2018

Happy Birthday Daisy Mae

World’s Worst Parents. Mom bloggers spend a month getting companies to send their seven year old a new toy or a free birthday party and they countdown to their life’s blessing’s birthday every single day on their blog because “I wouldn’t be where I am without my precious offspring”… I, on the other hand, inherited… Read More Happy Birthday Daisy Mae

Fashion, May 2018

Memorial Day Sales 2018

Happy Memorial Day! More like, Memorial YAY! Because we’re not at work, and it’s beautiful out, and you can grill and bonfire and enjoy the official start of summer! For the first time in my life, I actually have memorial day plans & a pool to spend the afternoon at, so while I’m outside in the sun I’m… Read More Memorial Day Sales 2018

Lifestyle, May 2018

Wait, I Have A Blog?

Okay, wow. I like totally 100% have neglected my internet platform for like a month. I had one solid post about job sites that I used to find my job, and one Fitness Frenzy post in the month of May and that’s it. I intended to blog all these fashion tips, vacation posts, and a bunch of other business,… Read More Wait, I Have A Blog?