January 2019, Travel

Bon Voyage!

My intention for writing this post was to explain to you why cruising was the best vacation choice ever. My first cruise was apparently a dream come true, considering that my second cruise was an actual nightmare. I no longer can give you a list of “the five best things about cruising”, because I’ve lived every single bad thing about cruising,… Read More Bon Voyage!

January 2019, Lifestyle

Quick Check

Checkin’ in, eleven days into the new year, and it’s already hit me full force.┬áIf you read my fitness frenzy post that just went live, you’ll know that I’m starting a workout program called Refine YOU, which is ran by an Indy based fitness trainer (and doctor), so that’s going to be a pretty big… Read More Quick Check

January 2019, Lifestyle

The Word- 2019

Here we are again. We survived another year. I went through and read my post from last year talking about creating this “word” for the year. It was thrive. That entire post was talking about putting myself first, thriving in my career, relationships, future, etc. Let me tell you something… Ready for it? 2018 was… Read More The Word- 2019