Fashion, May 2018

Memorial Day Sales 2018

Happy Memorial Day! More like, Memorial YAY! Because we’re not at work, and it’s beautiful out, and you can grill and bonfire and enjoy the official start of summer! For the first time in my life, I actually have memorial day plans & a pool to spend the afternoon at, so while I’m outside in the sun I’m… Read More Memorial Day Sales 2018

April 2018, Fashion

The Cutest Swim Suits This Year (Why Don’t I Weigh 105 Pounds?)

We’re Almost There. Summer is almost here, and we’re almost ready to sit outside at the pool every Saturday with our friends. It’s not here yet, but we’re getting closer. Today, I’m sharing the Top Swim Trends of 2018 because I’m very clearly a fashion blogger, and I totally don’t only own one black high waisted swim suit and… Read More The Cutest Swim Suits This Year (Why Don’t I Weigh 105 Pounds?)

April 2018, Fashion

Outdoor Wedding Wear 2018

I have a thing about Prom dresses. Every single year, I check the #Prom2016, #Prom2017, #Prom20(insertyearhere) hashtag so that I can gawk over the pretty dresses that the skinny (pre-freshman 15) girls are wearing and I am obsessed. We have Smiley Prom (which is a tent-pole event for Dylan’s station, where a bunch of legal adults get to go… Read More Outdoor Wedding Wear 2018