Lifestyle November 2020

Happy November! Let’s Chat!

It’s November! Just a head’s up, if you haven’t already, make sure you’ve skipped your Just Fab & Fabletics accounts this month! Just comin’ on to chat today about some cool things I did in October, and some cool things maybe coming up?

First, I took a picture of myself every single day in October. The reason? Forcing yourself to take a picture every single day shows you how you dress on your good days AND your bad days, and shows how you hold yourself in photos each day. Wanna see them? No? Oh, awkward, scroll on then… (Yes, there’s only 28… Three didn’t upload onto the blog and it’s hurting my head to try and figure out which ones they are…)

This month was truly just filled with starting my eighty medium-challenging, and continuing on with my working a thousand hours a week, and also spending time with people who set my soul on fire. With that being said, I literally spend time outside of work with the same five people, and all of them are COVID negative. I watched everyone’s Instagram stories from Halloween, and ya’ll are ridiculous. Large groups, going to work the next day, running around and being in other’s people space. No thanks.

I also have once again been so thankful for my neighbors. We’ve been leaving each other little treats, having daily gossip sessions, and being supportive of each other each day. I love them,

Looking forward to this month, I’m preparing myself for three very important things.

  1. I’ve actually been invited by Amazon to crate an influencer page. Basically, I create a storefront, and if you purchase things through that storefront, I can potentially make money. I think that it’s gonna be a fun side project, and hoping that those of you who already spend all your money on Amazon, will do so through my links for the sake of my rent. *Coming Soon!*
  2. Preparing myself to get in full Grinch Mode. I hate the Holidays, for the sake of Fa La La La La and all those things, and we all knew this, but since it’s officially November, I guess it’s go time for all the basic girls to trade their PSLs in for Gingerbread lattes and Mariah Carey’s best hit.
  3. Spending Thanksgiving alone. This is my first one in my life. Last year I landed in Colorado, and spent the weekend with my ex-husband (who was still my husband), so this will be my first holiday sans family. As stated above, I’m not huge on Holidays, and have already had a few people invite me to join their family’s celebration, but I have this complex. I’m worried about “imposing” on other people’s celebrations. I’m a weirdo.

Happy November, we’re almost through 2020!

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