Fitness November 2020

Eighty Medium-Challenging Check-In

So, we are three weeks completed of Eighty Medium-Challenging. That’s 21 days of continuing to try and keep my life together, if anyone was wondering. As a recap, I made myself do eight things for the remaining eighty days of 2020… Here’s how it’s going…

First things first, I did not even start on my three books. I’ve been trying to drown myself in 100 ounces of water per day, and I can’t even think about reading. Just kidding, but for real, I need to get a new license, so I can go to the library. They won’t let me come to the Carmel one anymore. Rude. I did technically leave Indiana yesterday, but it was just to Ohio, and it was for less than two hours. As far as semantics goes, that does count for my one of two times leaving the state. Go me.

I do deep clean the apartment every week, and it’s therapeutic, and I’m successful. I have been doing those 250 squats daily, and my quads are permanently upset with me. I track everything on weight watchers, even when I just need a day to eat everything in sight. And I by some grace of God have gotten thirty minutes of activity every single day. Also, I’m hitting those days of 90 minutes too.

But ya’ll, two days ago I failed on one thing, and my body told me to slow down for a second. It was on the water. I’ve been working extremely hard on drinking 100 oz of water each day. Sometimes it’s easy, and I can get it down at the gym, and drink it throughout the day. Sometimes though, it’s really hard, and I feel like I’m drowning.

Friday was one of those days. My body just did not want it. It was giving me a stomach ache, and my body just felt “off”. I pushed through a 90 minute workout, and went home to the apartment, and I just felt like I wouldn’t push finishing the 100 oz. Then yesterday, I road tripped to Ohio, and I had plans at night, so I didn’t make time for my thirty minutes. I think with walking the dogs, I hit like 25 minutes, but just didn’t hit thirty. Then there’s today, I’m enjoying my company today, and not going to carve out time to get a workout in. I also don’t want to feel the pressure of doing so, when I know that I’m going to want to spend this Sunday on the couch.

For the first time ever, in the history of my #getFIT, my workout challenges, my ups and downs, and my 80 Medium-Challenging, I do not feel like a failure. My body told me on Friday night to take a break from something. My body is telling me today that rest is okay. Did I ultimately fail the challenge? Well, technically yes. Will I hit the reset tomorrow morning, drink my 100 oz, hit thee gym, do the squats, and continue on? Absolutely. My problem has always been that I’m incredible at screwing up, then giving up. I don’t feel like giving up though. Maybe because I’m actually seeing results? Maybe because I have amazing motivation that encourages me daily? Who knows, all I know that for dinner tonight is nachos, and tomorrow is Monday.

October 14th (week 1) vs October 28th (week 3)

Also, can we please stop acting like a semi-naked woman’s body is taboo? You’re not looking at my areolas and you’re not looking inside of my hoo-ha. Stop reporting these on Instagram, ya haters.

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