Lifestyle October 2020

Goodbye High Ceilings, Hello Indy!

As we are well aware, my bougie ass has been given the luxury of living on two incomes for the last five years… Five years and five apartments later, it was time for me to go out and find something on my own. Do you realize how hard it is, to go from being able to afford the luxurious amenities of a pool and wet bar, to only being able to afford an apartment without a washer and dryer? In my entire twenty nine years of life, I’ve had a washing machine within arms reach. Now, I’m living in a place where it costs $4 to hope my clothes get washed and dried.

When searching for my new apartment, I kept five things in mind. They aren’t all normal “wants”, but they were important to me.

  1. Inclusions in rent cost. While having a pool and gym are nice inclusions, I mean more of the “others”. When I lived in Carmel, rent was base cost and everything was extra. Now finding a place that has water and trash, as well as amenties included in the rent, definitely gives me a little more “bang for my buck”. Also, on the note of water, this is the first apartment that I’ve lived in where the water heather is big, and it works forever. I’m weird about baths. I love them. I would take them every single day if I could… But there’s nothing worse that the hot water running out halfway through a fill up… My water heater literally fills the bathtub, and is still hot post-bath when I shower and wash myself of the sins of the bath.
  2. Kitchen Sink Size. This is probably the weirdest one on the list. I have a really weird aversion to a shallow sink. If the sink can’t conceal the dishes that I put in, I couldn’t do it. Actually, there was an apartment that I liked, but I could tell in their pictures that they had shallow sinks, so I wouldn’t even tour it.
  3. Layout. I’ve always had an open floor plan, where the kitchen and living room pretty much flow in one. While that seems pretty standard for the types on apartments that we always seemed to find, I didn’t want it anymore. I became acustomed to hating if anything was on the kitchen counters, because it also made the living room seem dirty. I didn’t like having the crate in the living room, because I didn’t like the dogs being close to their food. Now, I’ve gotten some separation, and even MORE separation in having whole separate rooms for the dogs, the bathroom not being right in the middle of everything, and being able to really have things in it’s own “space”.
  4. Location. I wanted something within five miles of work, and even close to the home I babysit at. It didn’t make sense to me, to move into an apartment that was further away, but a little cheaper, because if I wasn’t putting the money into my rent, I was putting it into my gas tank.
  5. Safety. This is perhaps the most important of all things that I found with this new apartment. When I chose to live here, I drove through the parking lot at least once a week, after “business hours”. I wanted to see how the residents acted when no one was looking. Luckily, and still luckily, it’s pretty quiet. Though, for some reason, there was a man sitting outside at 3am on the phone, and he woke me up. From what my FBI booty could gather, he was catching up with family who lived in another country. I then found it less creepy, and more endearing, but please don’t do it again, I like to sleep at 3am.

Overall, I love where I live. I’ve created a space that makes me feel safe, happy, and at home. I have people message me all the time about coming to “decorate their space” or asking me to “show more of mine” because when I throw vibe shots on the gram, people are interested… So, here you have it. Three girls, living in harmony, Daisy shits on the carpet every single day, and Harper once threw up five times in one day all over the carpet (Spot Shot, sonsor me).

Welcome to Casa De Salisbury Amigas!

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