Let’s Catch Up… & The Future of JenSalisbury.com

Hi friends!
Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve been on here since like July? There’s been some life that has hit me, and I’m not even going to say the same thing I always say which is “I have no many exciting things coming up, I can’t wait to share them with you”… Listen, here’s the real. These girls who blog and create a living off of it, are very clearly not spending their days at their normal job. After I work a 6am to 6:30pm type of day, the last thing I want to do is start linking sales onto the blog. While I know, that’s me holding my own future in my hands, and not doing anything about it, it’s also like, sometimes life hits and you just gotta roll with the punches…

So. let’s catch up.

At the end of July, I had my second Coolsculpting appointment. Somewhere in there, I started and failed at a weightloss challenge, because my eating disorder came back with a vengence telling me to spend every single day on the scale. By the end of August, I decided to get rid of the scale, once and for all, and use pictures to measure my progress. Actually, last Thursday I did a July to October progress picture and dear Lord Jesus, I felt heavier until I saw that, and then I cried. I will take all of the pain I’ve been through with my body in the past ten years, because I’m so happy with how I’ve been looking lately. I’ve been trying to focus less on unrealistic goals, and more on “self change for the future”… I started this “100 days to 2021” thing, and instead of being like I have to workout 100 days, eat in my WW goals everyday, and spend fifty minutes meditating… It’s more of go to the gym during the week, eat better, spend time alone, and love yourself. I’d call it successful so far, just based on my progress photos, and how I feel waking up every morning. Have I mentioned that I don’t dread life anymore? If not, there it is, being happy is cool.

Also at the end of July, I signed a lease for a new apartment, which I moved into at the beginning of September. It’s no longer in Carmel, so those of you from Indiana will know that I had to give up a little bit of being bougie, but it’s such a nice little home. Also, (and this is very important) I’M FRIENDS WITH MY NEIGHBORS!!!!! When I lived in Carmel, everyone thought they were better than me, so they wouldn’t even give me the time of day. It was normal to me, so I didn’t think there was anything weird with no one speaking to me, until I moved. Within the first week, I’d met Jeff, Ian and Sandy… Jeff & Ian talk to me pretty much every single day. They check-in on me, they love on the girls, and I feel good knowing their next door if I need anything. Sandy is the little grandma downstairs, and she’s got a little baby dog too. Her dog, and my two satans sometimes have barking contests, and her dog always wins because I lock these girls in the crate when they’re too mouthy. Speaking of the girls, they’re good. Harper is definitely a part of this family, she literally makes me laugh every single day. It’s so quiet in here too, I love not hearing people in the apartments around me, and it’s weird because I’ve always lived in brand new apartments (as in, first person living in the unit), but they’ve never been quiet…. So, being able to feel safe and it’s quiet is beautiful!!!

August was pretty boring as far as I can recall. I know that I worked a lot, and then poof, it was September. I moved, and then all of a sudden it was my birthday trip to Vegas. & aside from the President ruining my vacation by thinking he needed to shut down the Las Vegas strip every time I went to the strip, it was the most needed vacation ever.

I mean truly, my life is in this space it hasn’t been in, since about 2012. I’m in pretty good shape, I’m happy every single day, I have made amends and have this level of trust with my coworkers that I never thought would happen, I’m living in a safe place, by myself, and I’m spending my time with people who truly set my soul on fire. Life is so good, there is nothing I can complain about right now (other than money, but I swear, I just like living life, so I’m gonna stay broke for a bit)… Some days are stressful, and sometimes work is rough, but I’ve found people that I can lean on, and vent to, and it’s just refreshing to feel like everything is going to be okay because they actually care about what I have to say.

I’m blessed. I hope you feel that way too. If you don’t, how can we change it? Vent to me!

So, the future of JenSalisbury.com… Where does it go from here? I’ve been very blessed recently to have someone who motivates me to do my best, and says that continuing to blog is going to bring me success in 2021. Not entirely sure if it’s true, but I guess we all will find out together. Fe believes in me more than I’ve ever believed in myself, and all this new found motivation has to go somewhere… This is the last year of my twenties, and with that, I’ll clearly need a new tagline… But for now, I’m going to continue to build the blog, my brand, & my self-love, in order to share all of my life, still on JenSalisbury.com (but for real, should I change my name back to Fairbanks??)

Cheers to 29, and cheers to life!

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