Eighty Medium-Challenging

Let’s call this the #getFIT post of the modern era…

I’ve talked a bit on here recently about how amazing I’ve felt, and in my catch up post which you’ll see later this week, I’ve talked about how I was giving myself the last hundred days of the year to implement new habits, and find a way to get myself to a good mind, body, spirit thing…

But why would I make my life easy and keep going the way I’m going??? Today is eighty days left in 2020, and on that note, let’s DO something about it! 75 Hard is pretty much become the white girl’s Tik Tok obsession lately, and I’ve only seen one person start it, who is actually truly killing it. (Shoutout Merisa, go girl) It’s definitely something to challenge yourself, but almost too much.(Well, at least for me…) And constantly, I go back and forth on my old pictures, my old workout routines, my old diet, and I think about how sad I was then, but how beautiful I looked… I’d like to order my 2015 body, with my 2020 mindset, please.

With all of that being said, I’ve decided to create a challenge for the last eighty days of 2020 (and truth be told, I’ve been doing something similar for the last 100 days of the year, but wasn’t in the mindset to see longevity and wasn’t challenging myself enough, so I wasn’t loving what I had started). Before I share the challenge, I want to share the progress made since May, because I’m about to blow your mind.

The rollercoaster of 2020 brought a huge drop in weight (260ish pounds to be exact… Get it? Dylan. I kid, I kid… LOL), and then a little gain in weight, and truly, it was pretty much the last ten years of my weight loss journey, smooshed into a few months. Luckily for me, I’ve loved my body at every stage of 2020, but know it could be better. And what you’ve all been “weighting” for (get it…?), here are my 2020 progress pictures. (Mama is scared AF to throw these bad boys on the internet, let me tell you…)

May 2020 to October 2020 (The heaviest I was this year was in May 2020, and it is the same weight I was last December when my marriage was collapsing. I do not know my weight in the right photo)
July 2020 to October 2020. The continuation of Coolscultping and working out VERY minimally
Left is the smallest I ever was, back in 2014. Right is October 2020. Shows me that I can get back to where I was.

Those photos are a lot to take in. Knowing that progress was made this year, when the scale never moved more than ten pounds (and from May to August, I was gaining weight as I was getting smaller), is bizarre to me. Luckily for me, I had someone to shake me awake and say “Give up the scale, you’re holding yourself back…”

While these progress photos are great, they also motivate me to reach my goals. Mama’s thighs are way larger than they used to be. And while I know that big ol’ thigh land is popular these days, I feel like I could tone them down a bit, and reach the old PRs I used to have in the gym.

So, that’s where 80 Medium-Challenging comes in. (The names I come up with, I swear) It’s like 75 Hard, but realistic for me. I’m tired ya’ll, and not about to hop on two 45 minute workouts per day, and one outside, and all the other nonsense that is setting me up for failure. Let’s be honest, I know I’d fail. Instead, I’ve created EIGHT things (not too many, don’t want to overwhelm myself LOL.. but also, eight, cause eighty days, and I love a good theme) to do for the last eighty days of the year…

ONE: Drink 100 Oz. of Water Per Day

I am garbage at drinking water. Trash. Literally, I will go up to three weeks sometimes without drinking good ol’ H2O. It’s pretty unhealthy, and I’m completely aware, but Diet Coke does have water in it, technically. I just need to do this, pretty much because there’s really no reason NOT to.

TWO: 250 Squats Per Day

The only reason that I want to do 250 squats per day, is because I have a big booty, and I want a bigger booty, and ya’ll can say whatever you want, but my pancake became a peach through the squat method. So let’s keep it going, shall we?

THREE: Fitness Goals For Success

I want to be realistic, because sometimes I’m just tired after a long day, and telling myself that I need to be pushed in the gym, seven days a week, for two hours, the way I did when I was 22, lived at home, and didn’t work full time just isn’t realistic anymore. Instead, I’ve created a way to hold myself accountable. Three days of ninety minute workouts per week, and four days of thirty minutes of movement/fitness daily (it can be thirty minutes of straight ab workouts, just has to be for half an hour). When I used to go hard in the gym, results were always showing. In the last few months, I’ve seen results, but I’ve also had the “I showed up so it’s good enough” mentality. I want to push myself again. I want to see my gains. I can do it.

FOUR: Weight Watchers Tracking Every Single Day

I am so good at tracking Monday-Thursday on Weight Watchers. Thursday is always a “cheat day”, due to solid every-week plans, and after that, I fall off the wagon. I understand you’re given extra points each week for nights like my Thursdays, but I can’t just fall right off and say “start again next week”… That doesn’t benefit anyone. On top of that, I’m great at being like “oh, this little starburst doesn’t count, and this doesn’t count and this shouldn’t either,” And then there’s all these missing points, that don’t get tracked, and it’s not successful. I also switched to WW Green recently, because I felt like the points were too relaxed on Blue, and I want to make sure I’m not just eating three pounds of corn because it’s 0 points…

FIVE: Deep Clean The Apartment Weekly

I love cleaning my apartment, and having a clean apartment. I think sometimes, people get annoyed with the fact that everything has to be “in it’s place” before I’ll go to sleep, but I appreciate a clean house. Now that I live somewhere that has carpet, two dogs, and a visitor that hates taking their shoes off… I just want to keep my world clean, and I want to challenge myself to actually deep clean it. (If anyone knows someone who works for Clorox, please sponsor me. I will work for free Clorox Wipes. I’m *addicted*)

SIX: Leave Indiana Two More Times in 2020

This is purely selfishly mental health related, but Las Vegas was an incredible trip and so good for my brain, heart & soul. So I feel like putting this on here can only help my mindset through the rest of this year. Who wants to roadtrip?!

SEVEN: Read Three Books

I’m so good at taking spare time and filling it with the little squares of Instagram, that I need to find something different to spend my free time doing… I don’t care if it’s fiction, non-fiction, or the picture books in the infant room at work, I just need to pick up some literature…

EIGHT: Take Progress Photos Every Single Wednesday

Since I do not weigh myself, and since I’d like to measure progress somehow, a weekly progress picture should suffice. The goal is to spend the next eighty days really focusing, so these pictures should show progress!

So, there’s that. Eighty days, filled with bettering myself, and strengthening my relationship with my mind, body, and soul. Weirdly, 2020 has been filled with life changing moments, and it’s been one of the best years of my life (pandemic and all), so I’m excited to see how I can change myself, going through 80 Medium-Challenging. (I still LOL at the fact that I ripped off 75 Hard by changing the days and making it easier…) Good Luck To Me. See you in 40-ish days.

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