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It’s almost July, and we’re pretty much officially half way through 2020. (That’s disgusting to say, I was supposed to be summer body skinny by now) I literally feel like a potato 97% of the time & a broke one at that. #poor #supapoor #teamnomoney & I’m OVER IT. So, I’ve got three goals for myself, that I’m pretty much creating on the fly right now, because as we know, if I put something on the internet I’ll surely (not) stick to it.

Goal #1: No Buy July

I need to get a handle on my money honey. The problem was this: in 2018, I leased a car. Opening a credit card, to cover the down payment, was my best option at the time. Then my credit card covered some bills. Then my credit card covered my fun. Then we used it for vacation. All of a sudden, I’m $10,000 deep in debt & paying interest on interest on interest. In 2019, I paid down about $2,500 and was around $7,500 in November when everything became “my own” because Dylan moved & had no one to “fall back on”. As of mid-June 2020, I had paid off the entire card, putting most extra money to it and leaving little to no “fun money”. And with that being said, I was broke. Broke broke. My problem is that I’ll get a paycheck, and have frivolous friends (because we’re just not at the same place in life, which is normal, and okay), so I spend with them. Jesus Christ, I’m 28 and peer pressure is real, but like I needed that basket (all eight of them, I needed them, you can’t tell me I didn’t).

No Buy July is going to challenge me to save all paychecks (because now my July bills are paid!) to my savings so that I can get back to having MONEY again. Jesus be with me.

1. No Buy July includes frivolous purchases for my home (may literally skip the gym to go to IKEA again tonight because it’s the end of June…) or me (I don’t need more sweaters from H&M)

2. Food that is currently in my home will be finished before a grocery trip (even though I was Trader Joe’s chips, more than life itself right now)

3. I am limiting myself to $100 on food. Grocery, Diet Coke, eating out, etc. I can easily make it, but I’d rather be safe then sorry considering Paige’s birthday is coming & Im gonna need to buy her shots…

4. Gas & The pups do not count (but I shouldn’t need anything for the girls, and should only need gas maybe twice…)

Again… Jesus be with me…

Goal #2: Bring Back Fitness Frenzy

I mean, in general, I was working out in June. Some weeks for three days, sometimes four, and sometimes none. I thought I was “creating balance”, but I was feeding bullshit in my own head. It would create a cycle of false motivation, a crash, down time where I’d be upset with myself, and then I’d try to re-motivate and start over.

This. Didn’t. Work….

So, my goal isn’t to work out 7 days a week, to lose 20 pounds, or restrict my calories a crazy amount. Instead, I’m going in with: 20 workouts in July (gives me 11 off days), hitting 10,000+ daily steps, logging my meals EVERY single day (& HONESTLY!) and following the caloric intake on my FitBit. (Let’s be honest, 90% of us log or track food and snack during the day, eat extra chips and count it as one serving, forget about the calories in your coffee, etc…)

It truly is sustainable. That’s what I need right now… sustainability.

Goal #3: Blog / Social Media Revamp

I’ve always been passionate about social media. I do not consider myself an “influencer” (ew), but I do love the connection I make with my online platforms. Ever since my divorce, I’ve had more people reaching out asking me to blog and tell the “truth” about how I’m feeling, link something online that I showed at TJ Maxx or what I wore, thank me for being real, or asking for help in something I share… & ya’ll, it fuels me. I want to spend at least three hours a week working on rebuilding the platform that I love so much.

I have so much upcoming content, because I’m finally feeling like myself again, but truly-happiness makes me want to align with my goals again. Here’s to July, can’t wait to get it started!

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  1. I feel there should be more drama in the stories. You know like….J. Salisbury fends off protestor with handbag. Things that excite the reader. But I read the whole blog and it kept me moving.

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