It’s 2020, hunny…

Note: This blog is a month and five days late, but we’re talking goals baby.

So, this year, I gave myself resolutions that actually felt realisitc. Not some tacky ass “word of the year” (which- last year’s was “figure it out”, because I’m not like other bloggers so clearly I needed a phrase.)

My resolutions were focused on two things- $$$ & Bawdyyyy hunnyyyyy. Check em’ out, and know that I’m making progress towards them already…

Goal #1: Pay off Chase Credit Card debt.

I got this card in July 2018, with the thought to use it for a $3,000 car down payment, which turned into a spiral of “if I use it, it’s points!” And then the debt snowballed into a place where I wasn’t just paying off my car’s down payment. 1.5 years later, I’m over it. Short goal is to pay it off by May, and in month one- I’ve already cut the debt in half. (At the expense of my savings account, but that’s neither here, nor there…)

Goal #2: Pay off $8,000 of school loan debt. 

The chase credit card debt is far more important to me, but once I’m not putting the extra money into that account- I’d like to start chipping away at that and just not be 45 years old and filled with debt up to my eyeballs.

Goal #3: Create a savings challenge.

Basically, I’m giving myself this challenge because come September, rent is solely on me. I can’t even explain how much that panics me, but if I start challenging myself to put extra money away, it’ll take away some stress in nine months.

Goal #4: Track WW consistently for three months. 

We’re one month deep, and that’s been a success. I just want to get back in the habit, so I’m only challenging myself to three months, with the intention to continue, but not be so strictly stressed on it.

Goal #5: Lose 35 pounds total in 2020.

This was one of those goals that I didn’t want to make, but wanted to challenge myself to do. I am 13.8 pounds down in one month, so I am giving myself 11 more months to knock down that other 22.2 pounds. I got this.

Goal #6: Make $2,500 extra $$ on my blog and Instagram.

This is an easily realistic goal, but it’ll take a little hustle. My big drive this year is to not “post for product”. I don’t need a scarf, a new sweatshirt, or flat tummy tea. Hit that Venmo, or GTFO of the way. (Except for my plastic surgery center collaboration that’s upcoming. I’ll do my Kardashian Transformation fo’ free any day of the week!!!!)

Goal #7: Travel to two NEW PLACES. 

Nothing on the docket as of now, but I know there’s a girls weekend with Chelsie upcoming, so she better be okay with crossing a new place off of our “unseen list” (do you think she’s down for a 48 hour trip to Hawaii???)

Goal #8: Travel to Colorado five times! & see my parents four times. 

Make time for those you love, yo. I just want to support Dylan in his mountain man transition, and you know, maybe spend some time with the people who raised me to be this fantastic. 

Goal #9: Blog once per week!

Fifty two blogs in 2020? I can do it! That’s why this entire week has been blog filled, I’m back logging from January, so that I can start in February with a consistent once a week update on my life, my loves, my successes, my failures, and mainly my obsessions with things I don’t need. 

Goal #10: Stay Happy

Point blank, you know it, you want to live it.


Below, give me ONE goal, just one, that you have this year!


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