Ten Things Tuesday: February 2020

Ten things Tuesday: Where once a month, I’m going to tell you about ten things that made me smile recently, made me angry, made me cry, made me laugh, or made me scratch my head…

This month’s Ten Things Tuesday: Ten Text Messages I Received With NO CONTEXT. 

This is going to be hilarious. I thought that this would be the most silly first ten things that I could share, because who knows what’s going to come up in the future. I present to you, ten text messages, that came to my inbox, in the last month…

  1. “How do you tell a boy you think he’s cute”
  2. “Bigger the hoop, bigger the hoe?”
  3. “When do you work at Sun King next, I’m looking to bring a Bumble girl”
  4. “You ever go pee and feel one of your hairs in your butt crack?”
  5. “Is 60 days a month?”
  6. “Did the old lady that just came in complain about me?”
  7. “No I won’t help you bleach your butthole”
  8. “The thing that makes the water go to the shower part of my bath is stuck so I just had to wash my hair in the sink”
  9. “There was a meat raffle last night at the VFW and the bar we’re at watching the Vikings Game right now”
  10. “Noodie”

Oh my god. I’m dead. You people text me the weirdest shit.

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