24 Hours In Louisville Kentucky

The first time I went to Louisville, I ended up calling the fire department because I was stuck in an elevator at the Louisville Slugger Museum. When the Louisville Marriott reached out to invite me back, to check out their new renovations, I figured I was due to give the city of Louisville as a whole, another impression. 

The Marriott just went through a 30 MILLION dollar renovation, and it shows. They’ve found a way to take every inch of this downtown hotel and immerse it in historic Louisville, as well as casual elegance. We got in pretty late on Friday night, and the first thing I noticed was how bright and welcoming the lobby was, even after midnight. We checked in, and headed to the twelfth floor to see our room. Now listen, I’m a little bit of a hotel snob. When I go on vacation, I schedule at least 51% of my trip in the hotel room. I’m judgey about the little things, like the pillows and the lighting in the bathroom. I was not disappointed with the Marriott (and I’d tell you if I was). Their decor was stunning hues of grey and earth tones, that made the room inviting but sophisticated. The bathroom’s wallpaper was my favorite, and the lighting was top notch. I quickly went to bed, with a full Saturday planned, and knew I’d check out the things the lobby had to offer in the morning. 

I woke up to a stunning view of downtown Louisville (and to be honest, I didn’t even know Louisville had stunning views). Back down in the lobby, I checked out the Bourbon Cellar, which you can reserve for private tastings (and they have anything your heart could desire as far as Bourbon goes), and it was well lit, filled with windows, and FILLED with Bourbon. (Told you this hotel was immersed with Kentucky history) Beyond the Bourbon Cellar was the hotel bar, a super inviting area that was well lit, well decorated, and well stocked (just in case you aren’t a Bourbon person). My favorite area was near Porch Kitchen and Bar. Porch is a gorgeous restaurant, featuring American comfort food, and probably the best Sunday brunch I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. (As you see, there were no pictures of my food because they didn’t make it long…)

Thank you to the Marriott for hosting my stay, and helping me check out what else Louisville has to offer. 

Evan Williams was apparently the best thing that ever happened to Louisville, or something along those lines. He’s got the oldest running distillery, the best tasting bourbon, and literally the coolest tour I’ve ever taken. I’m going to be honest with you, not a huge Bourbon person. This tour was the best put together tour I’ve ever been a part of as far as alcohol goes. (Trust me, I’ve gone on A LOT of Brewery tours) The videos, the way they decorated the building to give the REAL Evan Williams Experience, it was fantastic. 

I hopped on a Bird Scooter, and traveled down Main Street to the Maddox and Rose Marketplace to do what I would call “the most Jen thing on the planet” (no, not eat nachos), make CANDLES. I was so excited for this, it was literally the icing on top of my Louisville cake.

First off, this place is an Instagrammers dreams. I could have literally moved in and lived there. The premise is easy: you sniff a million scents, narrow it down to three (not easy), and then get to create your candle. It was so much fun to create your own scent, and I’m 90% certain I’d like to create this business here in Indianapolis. I mixed Elder flower, Honeysuckle, and Olive blossom to create perhaps the best smelling candle on the planet. I named it Monarch, because we all know my weird butterfly obsession, and voila! It takes about an hour and a half to become a hardened candle, so I got a hotel nap in (score!), and then picked up my Monach Candle and it was awesome. 

Overall, the trip surpassed my previous fears about visiting Louisville. I got stuck in none of the elevators I used, I got to sleep in a perfect hotel bed (part of a gorgeous renovation), got to try some Bourbon, eat some good food, make candles, and get away from the crazy for a little while. Thanks again to the Louisville Marriott for the hospitality this weekend, I’m sure I’ll be back again for a quick getaway soon! 

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