The Money Tree?

Often times I start off a blog saying something along the lines of “I’m so sorry I’ve been missing from the internet, but I’m back”. Well, this time, I can say “I blogged consistently in January, and they weren’t all completely well received, so I’m working through planning out a schedule in March and beyond that really hits my niche”. But the truth is: I’ve been busy, I’ve been health focused, and things have been changing.

I guess these things that have been changing have kind of all gone together, but yet, it’s been so much change this month. My mom asked me how I was today, and I told her that I’m really focusing on me. That self focus has me really, honestly, actually thriving. So, I guess we can say that for once, I’ve started taking my own advice.

Work has been fantastic. Since the new year, I feel like I’ve really hit my stride with my coworkers. There’s been seemingly no days where I’ve felt left out, or lost, or anything along those terms- and it’s been really solid. I mean, in the last seven days, I’ve only spent two crying in my boss’s office, so there’s progress on the horizon. (I’m not kidding. I’m the emotional one in the building.) Speaking of “work”, a month ago I added a second job to my “resume”. I joined Rover, which is ultimately either dog-sitting or dog-boarding, on an app, where you take care of the doggos. I mean really, any chance for me to play with dogs is a win in my book, so sign me up. I’ve got my first stay coming up at the end of March, so that will be super awesome, and I already met the little guy and I love him. Along with that, I started babysitting again, and booked a monthly semi-permanent gig, starting in the summer. These are both extra cash, and while minimal, will be great “extra money” to put away.

The main thing though, that I’m so excited for, is my new job at a Brewery. Here’s that realism for you: I’m broke. I walked into the interview today and basically said “I have a Big Girl job, I want to work nights and weekends, I want extra money” and he said “You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a part time employee, it’s a no-brainer, you’re hired”. Then he made me tell him my favorite swear word (it’s Fuck), and gave me a tour then sent me on my way. I’m all in, and I’m so excited.

So yeah, today just kinda felt like the money tree was falling on me, and I was not upset about it.

Along with that, I’ve been eating visiting the gym consistently. As in like, very consistently. If there’s a day when I don’t go (like today, because I had a prior engagement), I make sure to carve out some time for a booty and ab workout, so that I’m still working on my body. Look out for a Fitness Frenzy post this week to update you on my seven week program results, how the food went, the future, and pretty much (totally) why I failed at it. (Not joking, hot mess)

Life in general has been going pretty well. It’s crazy to think that I told myself I wanted to make big, crazy, drastic changes this year- that benefited me first and foremost and I’m DOING IT. Or, maybe it’s not crazy at all, and this is how normal people live their lives thinking about themselves, and I’ve just been conditioned to worry about the entire rest of the world before me. I think it’s also contributed to my anxiety lately. While Lexapro has made me fat done it’s job, I still have some pretty terrible days. Luckily this whole “put yourself first” and “figure it out” business, has me really worrying about my mental health, my heart and me. Thank goodness because you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I love when I post these updates because I spend a solid thirty minutes just letting my fingers ramble on and on. But yeah, I’m alive, I’m thriving, I am going to have four jobs, I’m losing weight, my anxiety is meh, and things are going to keep on keepin’ on. Happy Tuesday!

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