Here’s Why I’m An Idiot.

So, I’m here today with a story time. It’s the old, 2018 Jen, the one who did pretty much anything, for pretty much anyone, and we’re past that. So, now I can look back on it, and laugh, but at the time- I just wanted to cry.

If you haven’t seen, Meijer (our Walmart in Indiana- But, we do have Walmarts too, it’s just like a Walmart) has these shoes that I’m obsessed with. They look like a designer pair of boots, and they have been super popular on the internet. They released them right when I was going on the cruise, and I panicked for a solid 24 hours about finding them because Lord knew I needed more shoes…

So, I waited a week and got home, found a pair, also found Jess a pair, and then posted it on Facebook where about thirty women asked me to get them a pair. I committed to eight women, and then ended up only finding four of the right sizes at the store. (I spent most of Christmas Eve driving around to find these women boots, and I was PUMPED that I found four pairs)

Fast forward a week, I had all the boxes I needed, I got the tape, got the shoes, and went to the post office. I got all these women’s addresses, boxed up the shoes, and sent them on their way.

Slowly but surely, these women would message me that they received their shoes, and I was really happy that I had helped them get these super cute boots. Until I got one message. The woman got two left feet. She also got two different sizes.

How in the actual heck did I do that?

So, I started messaging ALL the women, and sure enough, a second girl got two right feet, in two different sizes. I felt literally like the dumbest woman on the planet. I didn’t even take the shoes out of the boxes, so when the woman at the store did it, it may have gotten mixed up, or they got mixed up in the bag after purchase, I was so lost how I did it, but it happened.

So, now these two women have to become friends, send each other one shoe from West Virginia to Utah, and my dumb ass has to pay for it.

This was the tipping point, and the reason that I decided I needed to stop doing nice things. Because I’m an idiot and clearly can’t handle being nice. Uffda.

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