Bon Voyage!

My intention for writing this post was to explain to you why cruising was the best vacation choice ever. My first cruise was apparently a dream come true, considering that my second cruise was an actual nightmare. I no longer can give you a list of “the five best things about cruising”, because I’ve lived every single bad thing about cruising, except for the Titanic ending.

You know, actually, as I started writing this post, I realize that this cruise was pretty comparable to my 2018. It was an actual sinking ship, but we survived.

Okay, okay, all jokes aside, I really do think cruising is potentially the best bang for your buck vacation wise. You get to travel to mutiple different locations, food and lodging is included, activities take place for the duration of your cruise for free, and you get to be in the sunshine without being stuck at a resort. I think including the flight, we pay roughly $500/person on average to cruise, and you get to see so many different places.

This post is not to convince you why you need to cruise, or give you a code to link you to a cruise, and honestly- Carnival didn’t want to work with me because I didn’t give them eight weeks to determine if I was in their niche (even though last cruise they gave me a bottle of champagne and free wifi, but I’m not bitter…), so there was nothing that I gained out of this post. I’m just here to show you my cruises, and everything that I got to see, to maybe help you determine your next vacation.

The Bahamas (Nassau and Freeport)

The Caribbean

I’m just saying, there’s not a lot of views like this that you can get from a resort, from America (though Indiana does have a pretty great beach), or for this price.

Okay, now let’s talk about my trip from Cozumel to Tampa. If you are friends with me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram, you saw that I had a pretty gnarly cold during my cruise. It must have been the travel, and all those germs just became a part of my life. It knocked me down a little bit, but nothing like the 15 foot swells knocked me down over and over on the last day of the cruise. Tampa had bad weather, and it bounced off the shore and into the sea where we were traveling home.

And it brought waves. Waves that made 75% of the boat puke, everywhere. Bathrooms, elevators, hallways, deck, floors, chairs, rooms, PUKE CITY. Staff? Puking. Guests would be puking in their rooms, and would have to sleep in the common areas because their rooms were destroyed with their own puke. It was a mess. You’d be sitting in the dining room, and look out the window, where you’d see the sky out of the window across from you. Imagine looking away, and the looking at the window again, and seeing no sky and all water. THATS how much the boat was rocking. While you’re watching the sky turn into the sea, the food behind is you falling off the buffet, and you’re unable to stand up because you’ll go flying. It was insanity. Though, me, captain of team anxiety, was not scared for one minute. But year, it was cray.

Have you ever been on a cruise? What do you think about cruising?

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