24 Hours in New York City

Let me just give you a little disclaimer here. I am not a New Yorker. I don’t even know if they call themselves New Yorkers. I just know that I was a super Tourist, went to New York, did five hundred Tourist-y things and found maybe six things that I felt was worth the “tourist” visit. Please, my dear New York friends (Bridget and Gabi), please do not come for me or my brand because I am not well versed in New York city, and these things just looked nice on my Instagram. Here’s my top five Instagrammable things that we did with 24 of our hours in NYC.

Empire State Building

The Flatiron Building

Dumbo, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge (the views)

Stone Street, NYC

Honorable Mentions:

Dylan is forcing me to throw “honorable mentions” in here, because apparently he thinks Instagram is this bloggers paradise and that choosing five isn’t enough. If you’re near Washington Square Park, Grand Central Terminal (xoxo, Gossip Girl) or ANY street corner, this place is an Insta-dream.

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