Fitness Frenzy Part Fifteen

It’s that time of year again where we make all these resolutions and try to convince ourselves that things are really going to be different this time. Well, as we know, I didn’t make resolutions this year (which, shocker- I love some good blog content), but I did say that my phrase of 2019 was to “figure it out”. 

So, as I stand here on January 10th, I’ve realized that my first step to figuring it out was to get into a mindset where I’m healthier. Luckily for me, Jesus thought so too. For some reason, I won a contest on the internet that granted me access to a seven week personal training program called “Refine YOU”. It’s a transformative program that will most certainly push me out of my comfort zone, I can already tell you that. 

Without giving away the entire program, we’re basically going to spend seven weeks with workouts, carb cycling, and focusing on healthy alternatives in the kitchen. In other words, it’s a whole bunch of things that I don’t currently do or know how to do, orrrrrr never really wanted to. To be completely honest, I spent a good 45 minutes panicking about this program when I read through it. The thought of a “low carb day”, when in actuality- carbs are my main food group, makes me less than excited. 

We’re currently in prep week, which is the week of lead up to the program start. It’s the week where, in my case, you panic about the next seven weeks and consume nothing but nachos and Diet Coke because you’ll be saying goodbye to everything that’s good for your palate, in exchange for everything that’s good for your body. 

Sunday is “go time”.

I just finished going through the MyFitnessPal settings, which I luckily have used before, and determined what I was going to need to hit each day.

We’re also focusing on macros, and this time- I’m going back to basics. Instead of trying to get fancy with meals, I’m going to embrace carb cycling, and pull out chicken breast for the first time in two years. I’ve actually gone and planned out all my meals, which is something I already do… Unfortunately, none of the meals I prepped were bean nachos from Mi Hacienda, but we’ll save that as my “seven week reward meal”…

The workout plan seems pretty comparable to what I used to do in the gym, so I’m not super concerned about that either… Thankfully I spent two years as a gym rat, so I’m solid in knowing what each workout “is”.

The only concerns I really have is how I’m going to each enough protein, survive on a little Diet Coke, and drag myself to the gym. I’m not worried about the workouts or diet plan as a whole, but getting myself motivated and in the head space to complete it, that’s where my challenges lie.

I’m excited to start this, and feel like I have a good amount of support to actually accomplish something over the next seven weeks, so let’s see what happens. 

Here’s to Progress!

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