FanGirl MN- Hometown Clothes

I came across this company on Instagram, and thought “This is the first time that I don’t hate girly sports clothes”. If you know me, you’ll know this is the world’s biggest pet peeve for me. I hate those pink colored team jerseys, I’m not a fan at all of the “girly” type of clothes that “fake fans” wear to sports games to “impress their man”. Please note the amount of quotations in that sentence. I really am against that “fake sports fan” mentality.

So, then I came across FanGirl MN on Instagram. These clothes weren’t “girly”, in fact, I think there’s things on this website that men could wear. (There’s some men that could rock a cropped sweatshirt….) We decided to work together, and I told them that I literally couldn’t decide what items that I wanted them to send to me, so they surprised me. My stipulations? 1. I liked the Vikings and the Wild. 2. That’s it.

They sent me the Vikes Cut-Off Dad Crew Neck (which is listed for ONLY $38.00) You can find it HERE. 

They also sent me the MN Wild V-Neck Slouchy Tee. (which I was very nervous would be SUPER see through) You can find it HERE.

My thoughts:

I mean, let’s be completely honest here… This company rocks. It’s just two girls behind this operation, and their business practice, drive for cute affordable clothes, and great customer service shows that they’re going to grow.

I love the clothes they sent me, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to live in the Vikes sweatshirt, even though they aren’t going to live in the playoffs this year.


Or… Just win one! Head on over to my Instagram and enter to win your own item from Fan Girl MN. Did I mention you could pick anything off the entire website?! Like, choose the “lets get wild” shirt please!

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