The Word- 2019

Here we are again. We survived another year. I went through and read my post from last year talking about creating this “word” for the year. It was thrive. That entire post was talking about putting myself first, thriving in my career, relationships, future, etc. Let me tell you something… Ready for it?

2018 was a fail.

I didn’t thrive. I spent 9 months drowning in anxiety. I spent 12 months lost. I spent 12 months angry. I spent 6 months in weight loss limbo. I spent 4 months losing friends. I spent 12 months pushing people away. I spent 8ish months not trusting myself. So, there’s that.

I want to give myself another year with a word, because honestly, last year I didn’t know how to handle surviving through a Monday, much less being able to adhere to a word on a blog. I thought about this for about three days before really solidifying a word for the year 2019. (Which, may perhaps, be the most amount of effort I put into my blog in the entire year of 2018. Planning to be a little better on that in 2019, that’s for sure.)

Do I want to focus on health, wealth, relationships, self? (Okay, Dr. Seuss…) Do I want to take a normal word and try to give some inspirational spin on it?

I posted the above Instagram on December 31st, and it was solely because I liked the quote. I wanted to remind myself that at 27, you’re really still at the beginning of your life. Or at least, the beginning of your adult life. I realized it in writing this post, that my “word of the year” was actually going to be “words of the year”. So, my 2019 words are:

Figure it out.

I fully intend to spend this year really figuring shit out. My finances. My relationships. My career (thank God they haven’t fired me yet). My self-worth. My confidence. My fitness. My self-care. My world around me. All of it, this year, will be figured out.

We’re starting at the core though, because as much as I’ve said it- I’ve still never acted on it. I’m putting myself first. In every, single, solitary aspect of my life. If it doesn’t benefit me, it’s not taking up space in my brain, heart, or day. Like I said, I’m twenty seven. While I have so much growth, so much life, and so much change ahead, I just do not have the time or energy to put the rest of the world in front of my anymore. I need to learn how to be strong, do what’s best for me. Celebrate my wins, heal my wounds, survive my days on my own, and really, honestly, deeply, worry about myself.

Now, we all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Lord knows Jen Salisbury isn’t going to be built in a year. But for the love of Jesus Christ, this year, we’re going to start. I’m fast approaching my thirties, and I’ve already decided that’s going to be my prime. (Can you pre-decide when you’re going to hit your prime?) So, therefore, I’m going to start getting it together this year, I’m going to figure it out. I couldn’t pick just one word (but three is close), I can’t pick a resolution (because I’m going to last a week in the gym, let’s be honest), and I can’t pick one part of me to work on (because it starts inside, but the outside needs some tuning up as well). This is a team effort, my heart, my head, my body- we’re gonna figure ourselves out this year.

Happy 2019 friends.

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