The Sunday Scaries

Ever think about Sundays? How they can literally either be the end or the beginning of your week? Most people think of them as the end, and at about 4:00pm panic sets in. 

That’s how it always used to be for me. The last thing in the world that I wanted to do was recognize that Monday was coming. 

Until now… 

The Sunday Scaries have always ruined my Sunday. I’d either panic about having to go back to high school the next day, or panic about having to get up at 5:30 for work when I lived at home, or I’d panic about having to get up and go to the radio station when we lived in Des Moines. 

When we moved here, I even used to panic about having to get up and go to the Y. I hated the thought of having to let go of a weekend and go to a place that didn’t serve me. That is, until I found a place to serve. I’m no longer concerned about getting up for work on Monday, because I genuinely (finally) love my job. I mean it wholeheartedly when I say that I have a fantastic group of sixty five children that make my days complete. I have a great team behind me, who support me each day, even when I don’t know how to support myself. 

Sundays are now spent running errands, being lazy, and spending time with the dogs (who are terrible) while Dylan cleans the house. I don’t get to the point where I spend the day stressing out about the fact that I’m going to wake up the next morning for work. In fact, I celebrate the fact that I get to wake up and go to a job where I can make money, pay for my lifestyle, and serve the needs of my community. (I mean, my community is Carmel, Indiana, so they’re all doing fine on their own, but still)

So, I’m challenging you today: If you get the Sunday scaries, think about WHY. Is it your job? The time your alarm goes off? Your boss? Your workload? What can you change? As you get ready to go into 2019, maybe you have to make some adjustments so that your Sundays aren’t so scary? 

Happy day!

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