All The Favorites: 2018

It’s been a long year, that’s to say the least. You win some, you lose some, right? This year, I lost some- money. A lot of money. Like, goodbye money. (I’m a little salty currently about paying my January bills)

Any who, This year I found a couple staples for my day to day life, and then went insane and decided I needed to have them in every color, every flavor, every brand, etc.

So, here we are. These are my top ten favorites of the year, brought straight to & ready to share with you. I know this year wasn’t the best in terms of consistent blogging, but my consistency lied in the constant desire to buy things that I probably didn’t need. Let’s get into it.

  1. Adidas. Mama has been a Nike girl for the past eight-ish years, but NOT anymore. I love a good Adidas sweatshirt, some cute cloud forms, and yes, I’m as basic as I sound right now. 
  2. Tassel Earrings. This has been a staple since I’ve been at this new job this year. I love using a good pair of earrings to step up a plain black dress and even to take a normal pair of jeans and turn them into a date night outfit. I’m all in for the earrings. (I think I’ve gotten like twelve pairs this year…)
  3. The Quip! This toothbrush is so sleek, so easy to use, electric, QUIET, and it has thirty second reminders and an auto-shut off after two minutes of brushing. I don’t know, I just feel like it’s cute and makes me fine with keepin’ it in the bathroom. Plus, every three months they send you a new tube of tooth paste and a replacement head for $5.00! It’s a steal.
  4. Thigh-Highs. The whole over-the-knee boot trend is a dream come true. That’s it.
  5. My make-up routine. Guys, listen to this. Ready? My everyday make up look is as follows: Maybelline The Falsies mascara. That’s it. Go take a look at my selfies, & see my daily routine in action. (For real though, this is THE. BEST. drugstore mascara ever) A close second and third would be The Colossal and Lash Stiletto. I’m a Maybelline girl.
  6. THE. WEDGE. SHOOTIE. I can’t ya’ll. In the last couple of months I’ve turned into a wedge shoe/bootie fiend. (As in, I’ve gotten four pairs in the last two weeks). Below, I’ve linked some dupes for real popular brands, and also linked the real deals too. I can’t stop though, ya’ll.
  7. Blanket Scarves!!! It’s always a toasty thirty eight degrees at work, so blanket scarves have been a lifesaver. I enjoy these kind of scarves because you can wear them as a shawl, an infinity scarf, or just wrap it around like a normal scarf. Plus, it’s nice because they’re everywhere right now, so there’s pretty much a pattern to match every outfit.
  8. Cheap sunglasses. I drop them on the ground every six minutes, so these Target frames are perfect at only $16.99-ish.
  9. Sherpas, Teddy Bears, Fuzzy everything. I went from none to about fourteen this winter, because apparently one isn’t enough. I love the over sized style with jeans and some wedges for weekend errands, or even with leggings to just snuggle in at home. So versatile.
  10. Old Navy Jeggings. These are the only jeans I wear. They’re jean material, so they don’t look like the traditional jegging, where they’re thin and cheap. The only difference is that the waistband is elastic. (Yes, like pregnancy jeans or little girl’s pants). The reason I love these so much is because my booty to waist ratio is too much booty to slightly less waist, and it’s hard to find a pair of jeans that don’t have that stupid “back gap”. These are great at eliminating that. (Plus, they come in black and even ripped ones too. They’re amazing)

Extras: Below you’ll find the following linked, because they didn’t make the top ten, but I couldn’t leave them out. There’s a pair of black booties that I own, that I die over. They’re cute with everything. A pair of bougee slippers that I literally need more than air. Pom beanies, because that trend is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. And lastly, you’ll find my favorite sweaters of the season, ones that I own so you know that I’m linking you quality winter work wear.

Shop my favorites below!

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