Fitness Frenzy- Part Fourteen

I can’t stop eating Mi Hacienda. It’s one of those family owned Mexican restaurants where they slap beans and rice on every plate, and they know me by name. The last time I really wrote about fitness, was in about July on my Instagram. I was about 16-18 pounds down from the beginning of the year, and I was feelin’ myself. 

Now, on the other hand is a big old nope. 

Since July, I’ve gained about twelve pounds. Now, this is normal for me in the winter, to go up and down a little bit on the scale. I couldn’t however, figure out why I couldn’t get a grasp on my eating at all. I’ve been eating a normal amount each day, and still be starving. I’d workout, and have to come back and consume a meal because I felt like I was dying. The pounds would just pile on, and it wasn’t some coping mechanism for some hidden thing… So, I didn’t know what was going on. 

I’ve had the same marriage, same friendships, same jobs, and lived primarily the same life. I mean, I didn’t start or stop a solid workout routine, didn’t start or stop any crazy diets, so I was lost. Then, it clicked. 


It healed my brain and made me hungry, all the time. So I ate. And ate. Then, once I was done eating, I ate some more. I moved to a new apartment with a new gym, and I’m still just eating. I’m working out, but compensating with eating. 

So, that’s about all we have right now for an update. I can’t stop eating, I need to keep working out, and you know- just like I say every single “new year”, it’s gonna be my year… (But, this next year, I kinda finally believe it)

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