Fitness Frenzy- Part Thirteen


You guys. I am going to make this the smallest Fitness Frenzy post, ever. I just have two things to say:

1. Dinner.

I’m going to be completely honest with you here. I don’t eat much during the day. I literally run around like a crazy person all day long, hit those 10,000+ steps, and keep myself so busy that I don’t take the time to snack all day long. (Which was a HUGE problem in all of my previous jobs) So, with that being said, my main meal, or my BIGGEST MEAL of the day is dinner. Shall we talk about all the healthy foods I eat for dinner? I start off my three course meal with cheese pizza rolls. I eat my main course of taquitos. Then I finish it off with course three, baklava bites. Yes. This is no lie. It’s like my 16 months of nachos all over again. 

2. My weight.

With that being said, over the last three weeks of doing this whole bakalava, taquito, pizza roll party (oh my God, I’m so unhealthy), I’ve lost about 6 pounds, for a total of fourteen pounds lost since February. (technically since February, but like I skipped out on three months of losing weight and watching what I was eating)…

I. Weighed. In. Today. At. My. Lowest. Weight. Since. Summer. 2016. IN TWO YEARS.


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