Fitness Frenzy- Part Twelve

I suck at weight loss.

I mean, honestly. It’s been months since I’ve updated the world on the whole “weight watchers” and “workout” and “look at me looking good” thing. I mean, granted, there was nothing to update you on but still. 

I think I spent a solid month and a half, maybe even two, just struggling to get a hold on Weight Watchers again. I’d eat all my points each week, fill my body with sodium, and then the scale wouldn’t move. I’d become content in discouraging myself, coping with a hearty meal, and then start the cycle all over again the next week.

But, I broke the plateau.

Well, I don’t know if it was really a plateau or I just had to stop eating so much. I did though. After about two months of being stuck in the realm of “only losing four pounds since starting Weight Watchers”, I can say with confidence that I am now down 12.5ish pounds, and on my way to 13. Which, CHRIST, I hope is the case because I literally RUN AROUND LIKE A CHICKEN WITH MY HEAD CUT OFF ALL DAY LONG, so I’m not sitting around anymore. PLUS, I don’t normally eat until after 3:00pm, so like, YES BODY CATCH UP HERE.

Sorry for all the yelling, but like please please body, figure it out and stop being gigantic. 

Along with that,

I’m kinda okay looking in the mirror again. I don’t know if my anxiety isn’t as serious (no. it is. It’s just focusing on 100 other things), or what, but like home girl is feelin’ herself. Like, who would ever think that Jen Salisbury was going to put her backside in a swimsuit on the internet? Not me. Nope. Yet, here we are. Partially, I think I like myself, but the other part has to do with the fact that I have Jess. She’s not this overly tiny little speck of a friend, and she’s constantly pushing me to embrace myself the way I am. (I mean yeah, we complain about being large and in charge all the time, but she doesn’t let me mope around it, and we’re matching in the booty and thigh department, so it works…) But, yeah, I mean, I’m pretty so there’s that. 

I can’t believe I just called myself pretty on the internet. VOMIT.

Today is good. 🙂

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