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Five Things I Learned After Quitting My Job

As we all are aware,

At the end of March, I quit my job. I didn’t have another lined up, I wasn’t planning on doing anything and it ended up being the most important decision I ever made. Here’s a blog about everything I did with my time out of work, as well as what “work” is now…  

I got a new job, which I thought was going to be something totally different than it ended up being, and it’s been the biggest blessing ever since I started. (& while these ladies found my Instagram this week, I’m sure they’ll be soon to find this website as well, so hi girls- love you all!) I wanted to talk about five things that I’ve learned since that day in March where I called one of my bosses crying telling him I wasn’t going to be able to finish my last day.

Lesson 1: Mental Health Matters.

I used to think the “Sunday Scaries” were just this thing that everyone had. Surely, no one actually liked going back to work on Monday. I used to have an onset panic attack that would begin around 4pm on a Sunday evening and last until I’d fall asleep. I’d dread work.

Then, I’d go to work and be stressed all day. Going home around 6:00pm each night would leave me drained. This wasn’t just a cause from the Y either, this stemmed back to a previous job as well. I constantly felt drained, defeated, and didn’t want to go back. Once I really took a hold on my mental health, quit, and vowed not to settle for a job, I’ve really been thriving.

Lesson 2: Do Not Settle.

I wanted to be in radio so bad. I was DESPERATE to be back. So, when I was hired to return, I took that opportunity and thought it was everything I’d ever wanted. It wasn’t. It ended up being a terrible fit. I was better off there though, than NOT, so I settled and stayed. Then, when we moved to Indy, I did the same. I knew the Y, so I went right into it. It was not where I needed to be, but it was where I was. Finding somewhere that values me being there, has seriously been incredible, and I push myself every single day to do better.

Lesson 3: You’re Going To Fail.

I learned that in life, in general, you’re going to fail. I thought that it was the worst thing you could do in terms of work, because I was conditioned that way. My previous jobs told me that failure wasn’t an option, and that if I didn’t know it- it was ME in the wrong. No one ever wanted to teach me (this is not true in terms of iHeart. Nick taught me a lot.) and I was taught to never ask. If you’re not in a job where failure is an option, and learning is encouraged, you’re just in the wrong place. 

Lesson 4: It’s Okay.

So, maybe my previous two “big girl jobs” didn’t work out. Maybe I fell into this terrible hole of anxiety, being lost, being hurt, and feeling terrified of work. Maybe I really let it take it’s toll on my relationship with my employers, husband, friendships and self. Listen, it’s okay to not be okay, and it’s definitely okay to step away. Thank goodness I listened to myself and thank goodness I left. It brought me to today.

Lesson 5: You’ll Find Your Place.

If you’re in a job you hate, you can leave. Do not settle, and be okay with saying goodbye. Someday, you’ll find it. You’ll find the place you’re excited to wake up and go to each day. You’ll find a place full of people that make you laugh, build you up, and help you grow. Life is about flourishing, about watering the flowers in your garden. Find the place that feeds your garden. You’ll find somewhere you love to work. I definitely did.


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