Happy Birthday Daisy Mae

World’s Worst Parents.

Mom bloggers spend a month getting companies to send their seven year old a new toy or a free birthday party and they countdown to their life’s blessing’s birthday every single day on their blog because “I wouldn’t be where I am without my precious offspring”… I, on the other hand, inherited Daisy in January (right?), and forgot it was her birthday until it was two days¬†after her birthday.¬†Which, cool, I know I’m the worst dog mom in the world, but sheesh.

Ellie got flippin’ streamers, a cake, party hats and a giant #1 balloon. Daisy got… forgotten.

So, on Saturday, only four days late we gave Daisy the birthday party she deserved. I mean, it’s Wednesday, so it only took me an additional four days to actually get this post up. But anyways, Daisy got a birthday party, so I just wanted the world to know.

We started the day only an hour later than planned because getting out of bed is a lot of work and Daisy pooped under the bed… Daisy got to go to Pet People, which is like a Petsmart, but not as big of a chain brand. She had no idea why we were there, and sniffed everything, but didn’t actually care about anything that was in the store.. We got her a cake, some bones, and a new toy. Then we took her to Starbucks so she could get a puppacino, but not until after Ellie peed all over the entry rug at Pet People. Someone was clearly jealous of her sister getting attention.


Daisy, we learned, gets sick when she eats whipped cream. So, Ellie ate all of it. Then, Daisy was afraid of the candles in her cake, so… Ellie also ate all of that. Then, Daisy and Ellie fought over the stick they were chewing on. Pretty sure Ellie got most of that too. Then, Daisy’s razor sharp teeth killed the birthday owl toy we bought her, and you guessed it, Ellie ate all of the stuffing out of it.

So, not only are we the world’s worst parents, but Ellie’s the world’s worst sister.

Other than the fact we suck, we’ve really fallen in love with Daisy. She’s the sweet to Ellie’s sour, 100% of the time. Her favorite thing is to run and jump onto the couch next to one of us and just collapse into a puddle so we can pet her. All she wants is love. We’re going to give it to her, maybe a couple days late, but for the rest of her life.

Happy First Birthday Wooz.


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