Wait, I Have A Blog?

Okay, wow.

I like totally 100% have neglected my internet platform for like a month. I had one solid post about job sites that I used to find my job, and one Fitness Frenzy post in the month of May and that’s it. I intended to blog all these fashion tips, vacation posts, and a bunch of other business, but I’m tired. 

I guess at least I didn’t neglect my dogs, husband or going to work every single day. So yeah, here’s just a little bit of catch up on what’s going on in life lately.

First: work.

I love my job. At first, I was like “okay, this place thinks I’m going to work 9 hours a day and that I’m going to take a real lunch break? They’re nuts” Then, they sent me to Arizona and I was like “okay, this place wants… what from me?” I was slightly confused at my purpose. Ohio though made me go “Yep, I love it”. and I haven’t stopped saying it since. In Arizona they’d mention that people would love their job and would not want to go home. I mean, I like to go home, but for real, I like being at work. Nine hours doesn’t go slow, and to be completely honest- being in a company that pays you for overtime, when you work overtime, is a pretty dang special feeling. I got a paycheck today, and almost threw up. I’ve never been paid so much on a paycheck before in my life. My coworkers are nice. There’s not this constant competition or hidden agenda. It’s crazy, honestly, the amount of bullshit that I went through in my two previous jobs because I thought that’s what work was. No. Bye Felicia. This, this is work.

Second: girls.

Ellie and Daisy are cancelled. They have eaten both sides of the counter. They have eaten the wall by the window. They have stained our two week old carpet. They have destroyed our bedroom carpet. They have eaten two baskets underneath our coffee tables. They are ruining our apartment, and ruining our lives. But, those little shits are the wind beneath my wings, and my entire flippin’ world. I do though, want to mention somethings that we bought for them. First, we got them these car seat buckles, and they are amazing. You click one side into the seat belt, and the other side has a hook for their harness. They are adjustable, and they can walk around the back seat, but can’t get into the front and are protected from a crash. Probably the best purchase we ever made for the girls. Second, we got these melatonin treats. Let’s just say, our dogs look stoned, but they take a good 4 hour nap in the car without whining. They hit Ellie way harder than Daisy, and she is HILARIOUSLY dramatic once they kick in. So, if you’re looking for some travel helpers for the dogs, I’d recommend both. Shoot me a comment if you want the direct link to either of them! Also, Daisy turns one next Wednesday. We won’t have babies anymore!

Third: my head.

The anxiety has really been going downhill lately. Partially because I’m so busy that I don’t make time to focus on everything that could be going wrong, and partially because I’m not worried about random things anymore. You know, anxiety is always kind of just there, and it’s scary the way it can control you. For example, on Wednesday my heart felt like it skipped a beat, and then my throat was hurting as a result and it was making me anxious. Well, I’m telling you, as I’m typing this, my heart is skipping all types of beats right now and I think I’m having a heart attack. Thanks a lot anxiety. Other than the occasional panic about nothing, life’s good up there in my ol’ head.

Fourth: weight loss.

Or, lack thereof. I’ve been eating plenty fine, but because of my fruit drama- all the food I eat is “points foods”. Which, that doesn’t really help me on weight watchers, does it? I drop, stall, gain, stall, drop, and I’m probably not going to hit my May goal. I’m okay with it, only because my body’s been weird lately and I’ve been not on my game as far as feeling “good”. I wish I could further explain it, but I’ve just been a little off- like I’m retaining water really easily when I consume ANY sodium- which is new for me, and it’s messing up my numbers. So, I recognize it, and my weigh ins account water weight, but I just wish my body would figure itself out.

Fifth: Dylan.

Dylan’s in Vegas right now, and his phone conveniently isn’t working in his hotel room. I’m not mad. Which is weird. I have an entire blog about our relationship right now going up this weekend, if I actually type it out, but things are… different lately. I feel like I had a bit of a personal revelation and things are finally going better than I could imagine. Anyways, Dylan’s company sent him to Vegas and I was saltier than a pretzel for about 24 hours. I made Dylan’s life hell, and basically wanted to kiss the relationship goodbye, because who doesn’t take their wife to Vegas? Then, in the last week or so, it hit me like a brick. And it all changed. It’s weird. I’m explaining it all in a blog, because this is a lot of vaguebooking. But we’re great, Dylan’s great, I love him, I miss him, I can’t wait to pick him up on Sunday, the end.

So, yeah. That’s life. Maybe I’ll post a couple more blogs before June… We’ll see.

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