Finding A Job Online- An Honest Review

 The Internet Can Be Your Best Friend…

Or your worst enemy. In the case of hunting for online jobs though, I’d say that the internet is probably your best chance to actually get hired for a job. Not many places post on physical job boards anymore (like, say, in a college hallway), and there’s very few places where you are able to fill out an application on site. So, today- I wanted to talk about the three places that I’ve been using to hunt for jobs, and my real life opinions of them. There’s a 0% chance I’m getting paid for any of this, I just spend too much time on these sites. *All of these reviews are based on the apps that I have downloaded. I use both the app and the desktop sites when searching for a job!*

Indeed has been my trusted and true, since about 2015. Their website is pretty easy to navigate, and the reviews of the company don’t seem skewed. Often times, the postings on Indeed have the most information about the actual job, instead of just some fluff about the company. Out of the three sites that I use, Indeed seems to show the most accuracy when it comes to pay. It’s also really nice, because you can upload a resume into Indeed, and people can find you. The only downside to this, is that there seems to be a little bit of internet phishing, where a company pays $45/hour and you just need to interview via a “Google Hangouts” link and you’re HIRED! So, just something to watch out for!

It’s very easy to save your searches, and if you click on “my jobs”, it will list out everything you’ve applied for, saved, were offered, etc.

pros: Easy to use app, accurate pay/reviews

cons: Many job postings take you to another site, so it ends up taking a lot of time. Beware of scam sites. 


I found ZipRecuiter through those stupid radio ads where they say “list your job on ZipRecruiter today!” Well, let me tell you something. The people who list their jobs on there are junk. The app itself is great, and maybe if I was applying for something very specific it would work, but it has NOT so far. Luckily, there’s an easy 1-tap apply, which is not helpful when you just click on “marketing jobs”, and you have 15 phone calls the next day asking you to “help with their start up”. I’ve also noticed on this site that it’s pretty misleading. Posts like “marketing manager- make up to $75,000 a year” is really “stand at the Sam’s Club and sell Comcast until you’ve learned the position and can be trained into management”.

I do like, that you can see if a job your applied for has closed, or if the company has viewed your resume. Those are both pretty helpful!

pros: Most jobs have an easy 1-tap apply. You can see if the company has checked your resumes or if they’ve closed the job!

cons: Most jobs don’t list their real job duties, making it VERY misleading.


I was suggested to check out this app, and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve only been using it for a month or so, and I’ve noticed a couple things from it. First, they seem to have jobs listed faster than the other two apps. I’ll have a Glassdoor notification three to five hours before Indeed. Also, many of the jobs on Glassdoor are from bigger and better companies, in terms of their popularity and pay. Like, Revlon. There was a social media position open at Revlon, and Glassdoor had it listed, but I couldn’t find it on the other two apps. Another thing that I found really helpful on Glassdoor, is the user reviews. They seem to be a lot more thorough than the other two apps. One thing I’ve noticed is not helpful, is that Glassdoor must share advertising with other companies, so when I click to apply on a link- it shoots you to a site where you need to “input information”, and your email gets thrown on 75 job site lists. Which is annoying, and now I get emails all day long.

Pros: Better jobs, more information on the app, better ranking and sorting of open jobs.

Cons: The whole “put in your email to apply to this job” and then being put on an email list for other job sites. 

Overall Ranking: Glassdoor >> Indeed >> ZipRecruiter


What sites have you searched for jobs on? What are your favorites? Let me know below!

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