Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part Eleven

FML. For Real.

It’s been a rough six weeks. Even a week and a half ago, I got on here and said “I’m going to make positive changes” and “I’m going to succeed”… Then, I went to Scottsdale, Arizona with Jess. Between the two of us, I think we ate about 153,000 calories- and only one of us went on a hike (it wasn’t me)… In other words, I continued going downhill. 

I need a change.

I can’t say, today- that I’m totally committed, because it’s a whole lotta talk & I need to focus on the action. I’ve switched my weigh-in day back to Monday. & according to my Monday morning weigh in, I was down a total of 4.5 pounds since I started. I am not entirely sure how accurate it is, because post-travel, and post-non tracking weekend probably contributed to some not so great numbers, but…

Regardless, I need to not jump off a cliff each weekend, and when I was weighing in on Friday, that’s exactly what was happening… I’d weigh-in, eat terrible all weekend, and then be in the groove of eating like shit and would continue to do so. Forcing myself to weigh-in on Monday controls that whole cliff jump that I was doing. Also, can someone punch me in the face every time I think I need to eat drive thru food? Thanks. Not only is it messing up my Weight Watchers point count and my waistline, but it’s killing my wallet. 

I also need someone in it with me. Dylan can look at a salad at lose five pounds, but when he doesn’t want to look at a salad, he doesn’t lose weight either. (I think I have him on the train with me for now, which is great- but seriously a total bummer when he drops weight like I drop the names of all the celebrities I’ve met).

Lastly, if I don’t go back into a gym- my body is going to explode. I need to take a solid 45 minutes a day and get moving. Actually, the only reason I’m posting this blog right now is because I’m on an endorphin high, post workout, at this hotel and I’m sitting alone so here we are. (Also, during this current Ohio trip- I’m doing pretty okay on eating well, working out, and not being as lazy as the last six weeks. Granted, I’m alone in Ohio and no one will go get me Dairy Queen…)

Maybe I’m just supposed to be a heavy lady for the rest of my life? Maybe it’s not that I’m lazy and unable to lose weight, maybe it’s that I’m supposed to do that. Yeah, that’s it.

Talk to you next week…

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