The Cutest Swim Suits This Year (Why Don’t I Weigh 105 Pounds?)

We’re Almost There.

Summer is almost here, and we’re almost ready to sit outside at the pool every Saturday with our friends. It’s not here yet, but we’re getting closer. Today, I’m sharing the Top Swim Trends of 2018 because I’m very clearly a fashion blogger, and I totally don’t only own one black high waisted swim suit and that’s it… (You can click directly on the suit, and it will take you to pricing & purchasing!)


Polka Dots

I feel like I can get behind this trend. It’s like, polka dots are subtle enough that you don’t look crazy, but it’s still a pattern that makes you feel like “oh, this is not a boring swimsuit!”. I dig it.



A nod to the 70’s, perhaps? Is that what we’re going for this year? Maybe that’s why polka dots are making a comeback. Maybe we want to look like our grandmothers when they were standing at the lake with our moms. Belts? Really? We’re swimming here…


Fruity Prints

This is a yes from me. Mainly because that cherry swimsuit is too cute to handle and because I think that lemons are the most important print of 2018. I would die for a lemon print dress, but maybe I’ll settle for some lemon print bottoms. (Side note, online it’s very specific that it’s FULL print, or none. Don’t even try to mix that fruit print with some plain colored tops. The internet says no!)


Sports Bra Tops

So, in other words, wear your sports bras to the pool, because why would you spend money on something you already have?



Butts. Butts everywhere. So many butts. You want to show your butt, okay? So start squatting.


…Velvet? WHY.

I want to die. Not like, “I need to die for this lemon dress” but more like “this is disgusting, why are you wearing that?” WHO THOUGHT “I’d love to get in the pool and feel like a wet couch”? WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? This only further confirms that the 70’s is back, but this should have stayed. Yuck.

Not “in style” but ones I actually like.

I’d wear these. The end.

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