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Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part Ten

Just treading water here…

I posted a series of videos on my Instagram yesterday, basically calling myself out for the way that I’ve been handling (or not handling) weight watchers recently. Ever since I quit my job, I’ve really been relying on food to cope. Even before that, while I was still working at the Y, I didn’t utilize the gym at all, because being in the building was giving me such negative feelings.

I’d like to say that recently I’ve been following Weight Watchers “loosely”, but truth be told, I make it to about 5:30pm and then just take a jump right off of the cliff into an ocean of “anything that fits in my mouth”. The whole job search, days on the couch, and lack of ambition has certainly been helping my case, but I need to figure my life out. 

I went back to my previous Fitness Frenzy post, which was on March 31st, and realize that it has been a hot mess of a month emotionally. What I said in that post was true, that I was able to balance things, and I’m still hovering over that 10lbs loss (which isn’t terrible). Knowing though, full well, that I could be closer to the 15-20lb loss, than just “sitting” where I’m at just shows me things need to change. 

So, back to Instagram. I told ya’ll that I’d be holding myself accountable- and here it is. I’m traveling for work the next two weeks, away from my life and in reality, away from everything I know. I start a new job, I’m going to be in two different states, eating out every single night, and just being away from normal. I’m committed to utilizing the hotel gym, or going outside for walks, or even for making sure I’m moving again.

I’m also confident that while eating out will be an every night thing (which, it pretty much is anyway, I hate cooking), I’m going to be able to stay in my points. I currently do not know where I’m fitting in on my fitness journey, but will update next week on my total loss numbers (as long as I remember to take my laptop on my work trip)!

Better Luck Next Week.

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