Outdoor Wedding Wear 2018

I have a thing about Prom dresses.

Every single year, I check the #Prom2016, #Prom2017, #Prom20(insertyearhere) hashtag so that I can gawk over the pretty dresses that the skinny (pre-freshman 15) girls are wearing and I am obsessed. We have Smiley Prom (which is a tent-pole event for Dylan’s station, where a bunch of legal adults get to go dress in prom dresses, drink until the sun comes up, and dance the night away like they did at 17) on April 14th, and I’m wearing a dress that I rented that is 100% sequins. one. hundred. percent. sequins. When Jess & I went dress shopping for Smiley Prom, we had totally different types. Jess is as extra as that TLC show about gypsy weddings, and I’m a little more reserved.

Alas, we’re all kind of post Prom dress time in life, but one thing we all do get to be a part of, is being guests to weddings. I figured I’d share some of the best, in style, and price conscious dresses, so even if we’re not sitting in the #Prom2018 hashtag, we can at least look semi-decent to our cousin Gerald’s wedding.

The Dresses

For a spring & summer wedding dress, wearing florals & something with a pattern can be a cute way to look like your have your life together, but not look like you’re trying to stand in the way of the bride on her big day. These are some pretty simple pieces that you could dress up (and most of them, you could also dress down and wear more than once)! 

The Shoes

Most of the models above have on the same type of shoes. That simple heel or strappy sandal, that every single size two with skinny gorgeous legs has… Listen, not for me. I’ve linked below shoes that will not hurt your feet after three hours on the dance floor (plus, I link THE STEVE MADDEN wedges that every single person has this year. Buy them before they sell out)


The Accessories

This is easy, never wear a piece of jewelry to a wedding that will take away from the bride’s. I’ve linked very simple pieces, most of which are dupes from very expensive pieces. 


Here are some good places to buy
wedding guest dresses!

Nordstrom Rack, LuLus, Macy’s, SheIn, & ASOS. 

Happy Wedding Season!

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