SheIn, A Love Of All Things Cheap

I have a favorite website.

It’s called SheIn. It ships from China, and you assume that everything’s going to suck. But, it doesn’t. None of it does. I’ve gone through so much of the website (more than I’d probably like to admit) & I wanted to share my favorite things (swim, shirts, pants, dresses, all. of. it. ) that you can find, most of which are under $30!

& While it’s very cheap and pretty great quality- I have a couple of things to keep in mind as you shop.

  1. READ REVIEWS. There are going to be people who purchased the items before you did. Those people are going to tell you how things fit. An American medium, and a SheIn medium, is only going to be the same a fraction of the time.
  2. Wait for the sales. If there’s a dress you like, but you think $20.00 is too much money for it- chances are there’s going to be a sale on it in the next week. Check back daily, because things change their prices all the time. 
  3. Most importantly, spending $49 to get “free shipping” is worth it, but spending $80+ for the free express shipping, is not. SheIn can not control the border. SheIn can not control the speed of customs. I’ve had things arrive in three days, and things arrive in nine. There’s never been a crazy three week wait, but I wouldn’t pay “expidited shipping” because there’s a very good chance your pants are going to come on their own time. 

Jen’s Shein Favorites

Dresses (Short & Long)





Shirts (Blouses & Graphic Tees)





Rompers & Sets


Bottoms (Skirts, Pants, Shorts)


Things I have purchased.

The items below have actually been purchased from SheIn! If you’re interested in seeing a “real woman’s” sizing, check out all of these items on my Instagram Highlights! (@JenSalisburyy)


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