Doozy Woozerton

Dear Daisy,

I just wanted to write you a letter today, because since you came to our home, I know you felt it. I know you could see the way we’d talk to Ellie, and look at Ellie, and hug on Ellie, and I know you felt left out. I know that you came here, as a baby, but as a bigger baby than normal. I know you had another family first, and I wish you didn’t, because it breaks my heart.

When you came to us, you were afraid of Dylan. You were afraid of me, and you were also afraid of Ellie. Every time we came near you, your tail went between your legs and you ran into the nearest hiding spot. I wish you didn’t have another family first, because I don’t know what your life was like. But you are afraid, so I don’t think your life was always great.

It took almost a month for you to feel comfortable. Whenever we’d walk into the room, you’d be excited, but we couldn’t approach you. Just so you know, Daisy, we always want to approach you. We want to love you. We love you.

Daisy, we always say that Ellie saved us. And at first, I didn’t know if you fit in with our family, because with Ellie- it was quick and easy. You were a little bit more bumpy, and I cried a lot when you came, but we got past those bumps, and I realized something: You saved us too. Even Ellie. 

Ellie’s filled with personality, and you’re filled with an indescribable amount of cuteness, that never worked for Ellie. You’re soft, You’re small, You’re delicate. Ellie’s an oaf. She’s a wrecking ball in a glass museum. You tiptoe, and she clomps. After month two, you found your place in this family, and you love your place. 

You shit on the floor. We find your poop under the bed. You poop behind the couch pillows. You pee ON the couch pillows. And the couch. And the bed. And your bed. And the rug. AND YOU DON’T CARE. You get pretty much everything you want, because you know your the baby, and you know you will get what you want, and you parade it around this house, coloring Ellie with the biggest shade of jealousy we’ve ever seen. When you want something Ellie has, you whine. You throw yourself on the floor, and roll around, throwing the biggest temper tantrum that a dog has ever had. You will climb on tables, entertainment centers, and dressers to get what you want, when you want it. You lick our faces, but not like Ellie. Ellie licks our faces as something fun to do, you do it when you want something. You’ve become a spoiled little brat, and we just keep giving into it.

But we can’t stop loving you. You are a part of our family, a part of our world, and a giant part of our hearts. You’re seven pounds of baby satan, and you’re literally the salt to Ellie’s pepper, but you’re our second born fur child- but first place in cuteness. (Don’t tell Ellie)

It’s funny, because I didn’t realize you could love one dog so much, and now we love two. Dylan and I talk a lot about how we think our human children will end up acting like these two. Totally different, but the best of friends, and the cutest of all little fur children we’ve ever seen.

We love you Doozy Woozerton.

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