Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part Nine

 That’s more like it…

This was a better week, all around, in every aspect of my life. That really does affect how my diet looks & how the number on the scale looks. I just wanted to give you a little bit of a look inside my week this week, and then let you know where the scale landed Friday morning. 

Friday: Today was that day where you felt stressed, times 100,000, because you knew you were quitting your job the next week & had to say goodbye to your children. It was a tough day, saying goodbye. I ate my feelings.

Saturday: Saturday Jessica & I played Instagram Model and visited a bunch of random places to take pictures! Lunch was Verde, where I should be a spokesperson for now, and I went way outside of my points, buuuuuuuut luckily it was my second day of points, so I had plenty to use.

Sunday: Sunday was Sunday, and I ate everything in the house because it was Sunday.

Monday-Thursday: Ending of one job, starting on unemployment. I ate pretty fine considering I was sitting at home all day. I think Wednesday night, maybe Thursday, Dylan treated me to nachos at Verde (yes, again), because he felt bad for me.

Overall, I stayed within my points until Thursday night, and only went a couple over because Wednesday was #OpeningDay and I ended up with tator tots & Chicago beers at a loud bar. It was a good week, and everything worked out!

This week’s loss: -2.6 pounds

Total loss: -9.6 pounds

Today’s Saturday, and my points started yesterday. Thanks to the Easter Bunny, I’ve eaten 100 more of those Whopper Robin’s Eggs than I should have. I also went to the Stacked Pickle, and guess who ate nachos, and chili, and macaroni and cheese bites? Me. It was me.


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