Fitness March 2018

Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part Eight


Let me start out by explaining a few things.

  1. I have changed my weigh-in day to Friday. I was having a very hard time balancing my point on the weekends, because I’d often make plans that would make me go over my point allotment, but wouldn’t have saved enough points to have these meals. By changing my “weigh-in” day to Friday, I’ve given myself all of the points and a reset on this day, instead of Monday.
  2. Along with the above, Monday weigh-ins were detrimental because I’d eat differently on the weekend than I did all week, and my weigh-ins were ALWAYS heavier. I’m hoping that this will provide better results.
  3. I think I’ve discovered a 0 point food allergy, and will continue to monitor it- but ya’ll are gonna be SHOOOOK when I explain what I’ve been going through.
  4. I’m still weighing myself every single day. Weight Watchers requires one weekly weigh-in, but monitoring my “trend” has been important, especially in these last couple weeks where I have majorly messed up.

Other than that, I guess we can get to the weigh-in portion of today. I gained weight. This week was a lot like the previous, and making those promises to “focus” and “workout” on Monday went out the window. I’m really struggling right now with my anxiety, approaching unemployment, staying for my last two days at my job, and feeling like I’m generally out of place. There’s just a lot going on in my head, and I’m turning to Kit Kats and McAlister’s.

This weekend I’m spending time with Dylan and Jess, and for the first time in probably sixteen months, I feel comfortable in how I look. Or “more comfortable” than I used to. I’m going to enjoy spending a Saturday exploring, and going to definitely have to work on portion control again. I kind of feel like I’m “restarting”, which sucks, since I’m just over a month into this- but life happens. Onto the next week…

Total Weight Loss: -7.0 pounds.

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