Ellie & Daisy’s Favorite Things 2018

News Flash…

Ellie & Daisy run our lives. It’s not a newsflash at all, considering everyone knows that I’ll do pretty much anything for our dogs (including ditching a hotel room to come home so our dogs don’t have to sleep alone). We’ve always wanted the girls to have the best of the best, whether it comes to toys, food, treats, or really unnecessary little harnesses. With that being said, today we’ve teamed up with RedBarn Inc. to bring you a list of Ellie & Daisy’s favorite things 2018! (Thank you to RedBarn for providing all RedBarn products in this post, for our dogs to try out for themselves!)

#1. Treats

When we just had Ellie, we were totally fine with those cheapy treats you can get at all stores. You know the ones, they’re probably not made with anything special, but you know the brand so you buy them? Not anymore. We got to try a bag of these little puffs, and they’re literally the dog version of Cocoa Puffs! The girls got to try these Peanut Butter ones, and I’m pretty sure we’re almost through the package. These beauties have a combination of natural ingredients and proteins, baked to puppy perfection. (They lack pretty much everything artificial, which- good.) They’re small enough that we don’t feel bad giving Ellie and Daisy two, three, or fourteen. Our girls rate them 10/10, and they seek them out (aka- sniffing the cupboard that we hide them in) To find yourself some of these treats, you can visit HERE!

#2. Their harnesses

Yes, these are so unnecessary. When we take the girls for walks though, the residents of our bougee neighborhood seem to think they’re authentic Burberry, so we’re doing something right. They come in a variety of sizes online, and are way more inexpensive than the PetSmart or Petco brand harnesses. A word of caution, Ellie is 12 pounds and fits comfortably in the SMALL. Daisy is about 7 pounds, but the XS has a little trouble getting over her head. Just something to keep in mind! They’re also the easiest harnesses we’ve ever owned, we just popped them over their heads and around their bodies, and they’re ready to rock. If you’d like your own, you can purchase one HERE.

#3. The Hedgies.

As far as toys go, Ellie has always been picky. Not interested in chasing balls, only uses toys to snuggle, and rarely will play fetch. Daisy, on the other hand is a disgusting pig. She ate an entire mini tennis ball, she ripped apart at least 8 of Ellie’s toys, and she has no mercy towards anything with a squeaker inside. For Christmas, I bought Ellie three hedgehogs that come with a stump. We found three more at TJ Maxx, so Ellie had six. It was pretty much the first thing she chased around. Luckily for us, Daisy hasn’t been able to rip them apart yet either, so it’s a win-win!

Then, Ellie became… weird. She’s got one hedgie, out of the six identical ones, and spends at least 9 hours a day guarding it with her life. One Saturday afternoon, I threw it for three hours straight and she never let up. She throws it in the bathtub and shower, then goes in after it and “saves” it. She sleeps next to it. She will sit in the middle of the floor and stare at it. It’s her baby hedgie, and it’s her entire world. Anyone else have a dog with a “favorite”? You can get your pups their own hedgies HERE.

#4. Most Importantly, their sticks. 

We have two opinionated puppies, who want to eat everything in the house. All of it, every. last. piece. of. house. Luckily, we’ve found a range of rawhide free chews for our dogs. (Unfortunately, all sticks are not made the same) We’ve made Amazon, Groupon, and Chewy purchases, but they have not measured up to RedBarn. (This is my 100% honest opinion) Our dogs have gotten SICK from other brands, and some of them smelled so awful they were tossed straight in the trash. I’ve noticed that the price of these chews, definitely reflect their quality. RedBarn has some of the more expensive bully sticks, and chew treats, but they last longer and smell less than the cheapies. It’s the give and take you need to choose.

Our dogs really love three of RedBarn’s main products. Their “no odor” bully sticks are natural single ingredient chews, and guess what that one ingredient is? Penis. Redbarn “No Odor” Bully items are 100% natural and contain no: artificial colors, flavors, chemicals, or preservatives, as well as no, wheat, corn, soy, grains or gluten. These are just like their regular bully sticks, and they come in rings, braids, and a whole variety of shapes and sizes for the biggest and the littlest fans in your lives.

We also got to try their Tripe Twists and their Puff Braids. The tripe twists hold up just like the bull sticks and they are amazing for the girl’s teeth. Just like above, they’re free of all the nasty chemicals & additives, giving our dogs a delicious little healthy treat. The puff braids looooook like rawhides, but guess what? free of the nasty! They go much more quickly than the tripe twists and bully sticks, so you need to watch your friends when they eat them. Daisy got pretty sick from ingesting her body weigh in puffed esophagus (yep, that’s what it’s made out of), but it was my fault because I didn’t monitor her consumption.

All RedBarn bully sticks, and other stick-like treats can be found HERE!

Dylan and I definitely give RedBarn and their products our full 100% support. While they supplied us with the pictured treats and sticks, we have spent over $300 of our own on their products this year, and we’re so thankful they helped us to create “Ellie and Daisy’s Favorite Things” list.

If you’re interested in RedBarn’s products, or more about their mission, CLICK HERE! 


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