Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part Seven

Trust the… uh process?

This week was rougher than the back nine. I think that’s a golf reference, but golf is boring. Let’s just say that at the beginning of last week, this whole weight loss thing was going great! I had planned out my weekend in Chicago, taking in account of the fact that I was going to drink until I drowned, and I thought that I was going to do fantastic during the week (by totally not overeating at all.)…

Then, the week happened.

Mondays are always great. I am always on top of my game, ready to take on the week ahead. Then, Tuesday comes and I realize that I want to eat McAlister’s, and I usually do okay with it and move on. Last week though, I had McAlister’s on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I had Verde on Tuesday too. I had Portillo’s on Wednesday, and I was still doing okay with it. I mean, as far as points went, I was screwed, but I stepped on the scale and had lost TEN POUNDS… It only lasted a day, but still. Back to eating. Thursday was some drive-thru I think, and Friday I had Taco Bell. It wasn’t a good week. 

Saturday we went to Chicago, and I didn’t drink as much as I thought I was going to. I did though, eat Portillo’s again and grabbed McDonald’s on our drive home. My weigh-in on Sunday wasn’t fantastic but it didn’t suck. Then Dylan & I ate an entire bag of Ruffles chips and Sour Cream and Onion dip… (I miss Top The Tator)

So, my weigh-in this morning, wasn’t good.

This week’s weigh-in: +1.0 (ish) pounds

Total weight lost: Around -6.6 pounds
as of this morning. Woof.

Better luck next week!

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