Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part Six

This week was a doozy.

I wanted to have a successful week, I really did. Life has been a roller coaster lately, and there was no shortage to that in my weight change this week. Normally, on a “successful” week with Weight Watchers, you’re supposed to lose 1-2 pounds. Of course, they don’t take account for bloating, stress, work, drinking a gallon of Diet Coke once… or twice, and you know, crying until you can’t feel your face.

This week was tough, and I should have been tougher. News Flash- I quit my job. You can read about that HERE.

That in itself lended me with being overly stressed for an entire week, and I ate an entire bag of cuties (those little tangerine things) in three days. I made it all the way to the weekend, with leftover points, and I was pretty solid. Then, the thought of putting my two weeks in started creeping up, and I ate a Kit Kat while crying in the bathtub. (There’s a beautiful site for your Tuesday). I shouldn’t have, but I turned to food, and it ended up destroying my week’s success.

Throw that on top of the fact that I haven’t been to the gym for like three weeks, it’s been rough. I need to get back in the gym. I need to stay on top of my eating. I need to do better this week. This weekend we go to Chicago, and I have to save most of my weekly points for green beer & bad decisions, while I silently sneak some McAlister’s in my diet because I am stressed about this whole “funemployment” thing…

This week’s loss: -.2lbs

Total loss: 8.4lbs

(This was a very short post this week, but we always have next week!)

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