Winter Favorites 2018

Okay winter, time to leave.

I hate winter, like I honestly hate winter. Which is slightly surprising since I grew up in a place where winter was 3/4 of the year… With that being said, I’m actually not here today to bash on the worst season, weather, time of the year ever. Today, we’re talking about things I’ve done, eaten, watched, and tried this season in order to kind of, better survive. Check out my list of Winter Favorites 2018.

Eat, Pray, Love… Or Just Eat.

Here’s a few places you need to eat if you’re “around” these places:

Cincinnati: Moerlein Lager House (The view, the atmosphere, all of it. ALL. OF. IT.)
Des Moines: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop (I miiiiissssss you)
Indianapolis: Verde, Flavors of Mexico (Authentic Mexican Restaurant, but that taco salad is heaven)
Disney World: Garden Grill Restaurant Located in Epcot (There’s a huge surprise you have to see when you get there!)

Other than just eating out, I’ve taken control as you know, of my day to day eating as well. Fruits, home made dough, allergy testing, and food intolerance testing has brought me tons of success in my weight loss journey. Below I have listed three different things that have “stepped up my game” in terms of food:

  1. Weight Watchers has helped me to lose almost 10 pounds since middle February! I’ve been tuned into what my body needs, what I am allowed to eat, and how to find weight loss success. Check out my Fitness category HERE to check in on my journey!
  2. Pinnertest. A measure of my food intolerances that gets tested and recorded in a lab. 1. It’s really freakin’ cool and 2. Your body reacts to foods that it can’t digest, and I totally 100% have been eating the foods that I probably shouldn’t. HERELearn about my intolerances (and get a discount code to get your own!)
  3. Cooking. Yes, cooking. Cooking on Sundays (not just meal prepping, but actually making meals) has been such a great thing. I made some awesome dough (recipe HERE), have been making dinners, and it’s all so good.

Real Eyes, Realize, Real Good To Watch & Hear.

I have just three things to put on my favorite things that I’ve been watching / listening to recently. (I’ve very predicable- we’ll start there)

    1. Watch What Crappens. This is a podcast that’s updated pretty much daily, where Ben and Ronnie break down every. single. sentence. spoken on your favorite Bravo tv shows. They go through, dissect what’s being talked about, acted out, and fought over and it’s freaking hilarious. I’m tellin’ you- you don’t know funny until you listen to them break down the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules or break down frame by frame of the RHONY trailer in the voices of the characters that they’ve come up with themselves. My personal favorite is their voice for Dorit from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
    2. David Dobrik. He’s 21. He’s got 6,000,000 YouTube subscribers. I’m convinced we’re friends. He posts vlogs with his best friends, including a 44 year old, divorced dad of two. He also makes a podcast with Jason (that dad, previously mentioned), and overall- I’m obsessed. Is that normal? Does anyone else know who this is? At the end of David’s vlogs, he gives a shout out to someone who has retweeted his tweet, and I am 100% convinced one day it will be me. (I could consider this a “bucket list item”) Side note, I’m typing this while wearing David Dobrik’s merch. I am 26 year old and wearing a sweatshirt that says “Clickbait”, sold by someone on YouTube, and my husband supports this (and bought the shirt for me)…. Who am I?
    3. My current favorite songs:

I’m Addicted To You.

This is the odds & ends that have made up my “ending of 2017” and “beginning of 2018”

1. Fresh Flowers. In my home, as much as possible, because that makes me feel like my life is together.
2. Yes, the sketchy website that sends you clothing for 90% off what it should cost. I check it daily. I am addicted. I’ve ordered like 14 things for under $100, and I plan of posting a big old necessary blog about it once my second package comes. Get ready for a real review!

3. Sleeping in hotels. This is just a personal favorite of all favorites ever. I could live in a hotel. Why wasn’t I born Zack or Cody? I want the suite life.
4. Daisy and Ellie. Having two dogs can be a favorite thing, right? Because we have two dogs, we have completed our little family for now, and Ellie gets to have her best friend at all times with her. I’d say that because we have two dogs, we’re able to each snuggle with one, but they’re both always on top of me, so poor Dylan. #mamasgirls.
5. Chicago. I’m adding this to my list because it fills my soul every single time we visit. Guess what? We’re going back in twelve days. I. Can. Not. Wait.


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