Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part Five


We’re through week number three, and guess what? Another week with a loss! This week was a little bit abnormal though, because I was extra sick. With what? Well, I’d love to know just as much as anyone else, but I do know that I was sick. My biggest thing that I wanted to focus on this week was to keep eating normally, which is hard to do when you can hardly stand up without dying from a headache… The reason for this was because I didn’t want to record any crazy losses on the scale, and have it be because I wasn’t eating, and then to adopt my normal eating again and gain because my body was out of the norm. I talked about this on my Instagram story this week, and how on Friday I had seen a loss of over three pounds, but I still don’t really see a change in my body. If you look at the picture of my face below, you can see that there’s these weird skin fold/ dimples on my cheeks, and those are VERY prominent when I’m heavy- so to see them going away, it’s been my only noticeable change… Which, I’m okay with! The one thing I want to quickly touch on today is how people always say “use your pants/clothing size to measure your success”….

So… About that.

If you look at the picture of my jeans above, this is what I need to address. There are three pairs of jeans there. (Technically they’re “jeggings” but that’s because the booty doesn’t fit inside normal jeans like it’s supposed to) So these jeans… The top pair is size six. They never have fit me. I’d lay on the bed in Lincoln and take fifteen minutes to pull them on. My legs would go numb when I wore them, that’s how tight they were. The bottom pair is a size ten. They are my “period jeans” because they are very loose. They fit me all over, but after about two hours- they gather at the knees because they’re just not tight. (They’re called my period jeans because like, that week of bloat is reeeeeal) So clearly, I should be in a size eight, you’d think…? The middle pair? Oh, that’s ALSO a size ten. Clearly, closer in the legs to the size six. Clearly, not even close to the size tens on the bottom. But I can tell you this, they’re tight. They fit more like the six, but their number is the ten. They are my “going out jeans”, as in- if I’m dressing up, they’re the jeans I choose because the booty is poppin’.

So, why would I use my clothing size to determine my success? Some days, my success would be the larger pair of size tens, and right now, my success would be the smaller pair of size tens, but if I used the clothing size- I’d have no success. What. The. Heck.  Just a reminder to not get so caught up in your “number” in your jeans, or your “number” on the scale, because it’s all just a number!

Maybe I should start taking progress pictures, but I’ve never really been about that at all…


Total Loss This Week: -1.6 lbs

Total Loss Weeks #1-3: -8.2 lbs

(note: my weight on Friday did not last through the weekend, and in fact- my weight that I listed above was yesterday’s weight. I had a lot of sodium on Sunday, thus skewing this morning’s weigh in, so I used yesterday’s numbers)

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