Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part Four

Another week, another success…

This was the completion of week two on Weight Watchers and with it, I’ve got some updates for ya’ll. First things first, I’ll add my total weight loss to the end of this post, but with that being said- it was another week with a loss! I’ve been spending a significant amount of time on the Weight Watchers app, followng success stories with weight watchers on Instagram, and following plenty of Weight Watchers Facebook pages. They are a melting pot of ideas, recipes, and successful people who want the best for each other, and I’m obsessed. Here’s what I’ve taken from my second week of Weight Watchers, and maybe this is making you want to try it too…

First things first, another week of NOT stopping myself from living my life. On Wednesday evening, I felt the itch to have McAlister’s Deli for dinner. I wanted chili and a big ol’ baked potato, but knew that it wasn’t going to fit “in my points” for the day. On Thursday, I went about my day totally normal and Dylan texted me around dinner time because it was National Margarita day, and he wanted to go to Verde. On Saturday, we ate McAlister’s and had drinks at Bar Louie that night, and guess what? Definitely didn’t plan on that, either. Thanks to my weekly points, the 42 of them that we get each week, I was able to successfully have all of the above and still lose weight.

The second thing that I discovered this week was something called “Two Ingredient Dough”. Basically, the fitness and health industry on social media has gone completely insane about this dough, that can be turned into pizza dough, pretzels, mini breadsticks, bagels, or pretty much anything that comes from dough. Please note, that I do not cook, I repeat- I do not cook. There was a 97% chance that I was going to be completely unsuccessful and waste this. For real. But I didn’t!

The recipe is as follows:

1 cup of self rising flour

1 cup of non-fat greek yogurt

(This makes 11 points worth of dough)

Mix these two ingrdients together in a bowl, continue to add flour until it’s no longer a sticky mixture. Knead this dough for five-ish minutes, and then put onto a pan in whatever way you’re cookin’ it. (I made mini pretzel bites, and two mini bagels) If you’re seasoning them, do it now- maybe some garlic powder, or you know, pizza ingrdients? Then toss that baby into the oven at 350 degrees for 20ish minutes (I ended up doing about 25) and it should work. Should. 

Mine Did!

And yes, they use greek yogurt- which tastes like death, but in this recipe, you can’t taste them. These babies literally tasted like dough, straight up normal fattening dough. Bless up Instagram, for showing me this. 

The last thing, which is something I’ve done before and done often is meal prepping. I’ve found lots of success these last couple of weeks knowing that I have a five point lunch, or a bunch of four point snack options, and have the ability to just grab and go. I also prep out my fruit, because otherwise I feel like I’ll rely to heavily on the fact that fruit is zero points. If I eat too much fruit, and eat it every time I’m bored, I’m going to slow down my loss. I prep five meals, about 15-20 snacks, and five days worth of fruit. Then, if I eat out one time, or change my mind on dinners, I’m not stuck with a completely prepped week. I’ve noticed if I prep every single meal, I resent it and feel too trapped in my meal plan, and then fail. Giving myself half prepped meals, and half “make as is” or “eat out” meals, I still feel freedom! It’s worked so far!

This week’s loss: -1.2 pounds

This week, my goals are to continue to lose- and also start lifting heavily again. I want to slim down, but have some muscle so I can not focus on just cardio this week! Here’s to hoping for another great week!

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