Shop My Instagram- Winter 2017-2018

I wear leggings everyday…

Like, actually every single day. It’s legitimately my work uniform to wear black leggings because that’s how working at a gym goes. Which, praise Jesus because leggings are a lifestyle that I actively participate in. Since winter’s been a whole bunch of moving, mixed with leggings, mixed with cold weather, I didn’t have enough of a “shop my Instagram” to do monthly posts, so instead we’re going to group the season as a whole. Also, while most “fashion bloggers” link to their RewardStyle pages, in order to get paid for your clicks, I do not. I just link to the product pages because this is something that I like to share with you.


Dressing Up:

Skinnies: HERE
Black Sweater: HERE
Walmart Scarf: HERE
Cardigan: HERE
Striped Sweater: HERE
Black Skinnies: HERE
Booties: HERE

Dressing Down:


Workout Top: HERE
Leggings: HERE
(I have at least 12 pairs of these leggings. I want to advocate for them quick. They are $16.99, squat proof, adult colored, no tacky patterns, and do NOT lose stretch)
Nikes: HERE

Office & Meetings:

Skinnies: HERE
Booties: HERE
Dress tops: HERE
Scarves: HERE

Travel OOTDs:

Nikes: HERE
New Balance: HERE
Jeans: HERE
Cardigans: HERE
Booties: HERE
Hoodies: HERE
Winter Coat: HERE

Like I said, I only really get dressed on Saturday, and it’s generally to go out to dinner or a movie. Other than that, I’ve been wearing the same 12 pairs of leggings on repeat, and a bunch of sweatshirts because it’s cold. Hopefully as we ramp up our traveling, the weather gets nicer, and I lose weight- I’ll be back to monthly Shop My Instagram posts, but right now, I want to hide inside and look not cute for a bit longer.


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