Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part Three

Week #1 Of Weight Watchers, COMPLETE!

So, we made it. I did my first week of a nationally recognized diet plan, which forced me to step out of my comfort zone and not just count calories, forced me to think differently about my food, and forced me to recognize that I really wanted change. I made it, and it was… fricken amazing.

Here’s how week #1 went down:

Sunday night, I decided that I was going to pre-plan all of my food for the week, and in doing so, I’d be able to just grab and go each morning. (This was such a great idea) For those of you curious, here’s a small breakdown on weight watchers. You get a daily allotment of points, plus a weekly allotment of points, and then you can also gain “extra points” from working out. So each day, I get 23 points. Weekly I get 42 points, and I can use them whenever I want during the week (eating out, extra dessert, huge bowl of pasta). You want to use all of those points during the week, and you should lose weight. If you use all of those, you can borrow from your FitPoints (which is the extra, extra points), but if you don’t use them, it’s best.

Foods are broken down into points based on nutritional value. Fruits, boneless skinless chicken breast, some greek yogurts, and most vegetables are zero points. How can we eat calories and not count them? Well, basically the goal is to make healthy choices. If you ate 403 bananas, I’m sure you’d see a difference in yourself, but that’s not the point of Weight Watchers. You use the app to scan in foods, or to log your foods and then you basically just fit into your points. Any food, any time, and quantity- if it fits, you can eat it! You weigh in once a week (I’m doing a month of daily weigh-ins, to monitor my body’s trends), and your points get restarted on your weigh in days.

So, back to my life. I stayed in my points pretty much every single day, to save all of my extras for the weekend. I ate four pounds of strawberries this week, for some ungodly reason, but now I like fruit. We went to Steak N Shake on Valentine’s Day, I ate a burger and fries, and I kept it close to staying in my points. I weighed myself every day, and I didn’t cry. 

Then, the weekend came. I prepacked snacks, so that when we stopped at a gas station, I wasn’t tempted to buy a giant bag of Sour Patch Kids, and eat a King Size Kit Kat. (This is not easy, because my love for roller grill items at the gas station is REAL.) Dylan and the dogs sat down with those steak tornados, and I ate a bowl of watermelon. When we finally got to lunch on Saturday, in Columbus, we settled on a semi-local brewhouse, a menu which was not on my Weight Watchers app. Luckily, their menu had caloric values listed, so I found similarities and ended up choosing the chips and salsa appetizer, and a side of french fries. I judge most restaurants on that category. Is your salsa “real salsa” and do you have a great fry? It’s really that simple. This meal was half eaten, and I brought it back to the hotel. It costed 27 points total, but was also my dinner, and it was sooooooo good. 

We had a movie marathon at the hotel room (Princess Diaries, Princess Diaries 2, Freaky Friday, and The Lizzie McGuire Movie), and I needed a snack so I pulled out 4 points of Cheetos and 4 points of Chocolate Chips, and I was content. I ended the day with 35 points. I was sure my Sunday weigh in would be skewed, and not good, but it was actually still a loss. 

Sunday we went to Cincinnati, which was beautiful and we loved it, and after the Continental breakfast at the hotel, plus a snack, I had only used 3 points. We stopped at Big Boy, and Dylan tried a burger- so I opted to share fries and save my points (this place wasn’t great… Dylan liked his burger though). For another late lunch (listen people, getting dogs to stay in a hotel room, and be quiet, is not easy) we went to a super cute restaurant near the river.

I wanted a burger. We wanted to try the giant pretzels. I wanted to eat fries. I made it work. I ate one pretzel stick instead of two, I dipped it in cheese instead of drenching, I ate the fries with my meal instead of getting another basket, and I took the bun off my burger instead of grabbing it like a neanderthal and going to town. My lunch meal was completely consumed, and we didn’t bring any of it back. It was 17 points. For late night “snack” we walked to Rock Bottom, where we had a small dinner (Dylan drank a flight of beers, while I ate mashed potatoes) and dessert (brownie, okay?) which was 19 points.

My first week of tracking, and I had to dip into my “extra, extra, FitPoints” because I went on vacation. I was convinced that my weigh-in would be sabotaged by it, and because I had a Diet Coke at 10pm as we decided to drive home on Sunday night instead of waiting until Monday… I’ve never been a part of a diet that’s worked, because counting macros and counting calories has only ended up burning me.

Week #1 Weight Loss: -4.8 Pounds!

It’s totally normal to have a high loss week one, because your body is adjusting to the program, and I will probably not lose more than a pound each week after this. I set my goal weight loss to be 36.8 pounds, but would be very happy with a 27 pound loss. We only have 32 more pounds until I’ve hit my goal! Onto week #2!

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