Fitness Frenzy 2018- Part One

Guess who’s back?!

Man, I’m extremely annoying with this goodbye to the #getFIT posts, I’m going to have a resolution, I don’t need a resolution, just love yourself, get on your grind in 2018, but like I don’t neeeed to workout and tell the world about it, here I am telling the world about it business on my blog… Here’s some truth for you: There’s two reasons why I wanted to stop these fitness posts. 1. My fitness journey in 2017 was pretty much at a complete stand still, and honestly, I kind of gained weight so I didn’t want to talk about it. and 2. There are people in my life who read my blog, and have their own, who they were stealing pretty much most of my content, some of it verbatim, and it was hurting me personally. I’ve realized though, that my fitness posts get some of my highest traffic on my blog, and that I want to measure my progress overall through the years, so I’m back…

2018, so far

has been seriously so solid on the fitness front, but not so solid on the scale front. It was true from what I said a month or so ago on here, I honestly feel motivated to make these changes for my life. Here’s something I’ve realized, what I was doing- wasn’t working. Unfortunately, what I was doing, was pretty much nothing… Fortunately, what I was doing, was pretty much nothing. I mean, we can only go up from there, right?

I have a “goal Jen” to get back to:

and I was so skinny I want to die right now, but ya’ll we’re going back this year. Want to know why? Well, because I want to look like that again, before I get pregnant and get like *current me*, but also because we’re making real life changes yo. 

Change #1: Fitness Front

I’ve been working out, every single day. If you look at my FitBit, I’ve missed maybe four workouts since the beginning of the year. On top of that, I’ve walked at least 10,000 steps daily, and that has become a goal for the year. I actually spent the entire second half of the Super Bowl walking in place to reach my goal. That’s good. Really good. I would sometimes only move 1,500 steps on a Sunday, so forcing myself to get up and move is great. 

In the gym I’m working out, but falling into a routine. Cardio contributes to my step count, so that’s what I will choose to do. Walking at a 3.0 pace is better than sitting, and easier than stairs and the elliptical so that’s what I turn to. I’m not really lifting. I’ll do it once a week or so, and then not for another 9 days. When I say I’m working out every day, I can tell I’m not pushing myself. Which is no wonder I’m not doing well when I step on the scale. This is something that I’m recognizing is probably contributing to my lack of success and I’m going to change it! (Positive changes ya’ll, recognize where you’re going wrong)

Change #2: Vegetables

Dylan and I got a juicer for Christmas. For a solid two weeks, we utilized it for breakfast. Slowly, it became more difficult to make time to juice before leaving for work, and with that it became easier to grab lunch daily from a drive through. I am not making the best choices in the food sector. (Another change, I am recognizing I need to make) Except, there’s a test I took that I want to talk about.

Pinnertest is a food intolerance test. Basically, it measures the foods that your body doesn’t break down and digest correctly. That’s the easiest way to put it. I begged them to work with me, to be completely honest, because I wanted so bad to see if what I was eating, was affecting me. After being afraid to prick my finger and send the test in, and then after being afraid to check my results, I finally know what I’m intolerant to. (They measure intolerances on a scale of 1-3, with 3 being the hardest to break down)

I got:
Cucumber +3 (great. I’ve been juicing it every single day)
Turkey +2 (sweet. The only lunch meat I like)
Garlic +3 (awesome. Pretty much an ingredient in everything I cook, including chili)

I also got a couple types of fish, but don’t eat seafood do I don’t think about that. I’m excited to see if there’s a digestive difference when I eliminate the three of those from my diet.

Now, Pinnertest does not measure allergies. So things like eggs and apples came up fine on my test. Which is great that my body can break it down, but it’ll probably kill me first. Another thing to note, is this is a certified test that is done in a lab. This isn’t a Facebook quiz guys. So, the price behind it isn’t a $30 fee, it’s actually pretty spendy. I am not being paid to talk about the Pinnertest at all, but they have provided ya’ll with a $60.00 off code. Use the code JENSALISBURY (easy right) to take that discount off of your test. Here’s more information: HERE

Aside from the Pinnterest results, I plan to really refocus next week. We do our shopping today or tomorrow, and as much as I hate giving up some carbs (It’s my only food group) and putting the color green in my fridge (salad, spinach, celery? BLECH) I need to do it for my body.

Change #3: Insane in the Membrane

I’ve noticed with my working out though, that my anxiety is a lot lower. I don’t have a whole ton to touch on here, but I definitely attribute some of that daily stress being walked out of my body when I’m on the treadmill. This week in particular hasn’t been great with my anxiety (unnecessary work stress, overeating, lack of confidence) and I can feel it creeping to my brain. I have to remember that this fitness journey isn’t just how I look, but it’s how I feel, and I’ve been doing amazing at managing my anxiety- I just have to keep on it. 

Like, let’s really do this…

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