Meet Daisy.

A couple of weeks ago, we added four little legs to our home, because why wouldn’t we. For about a week, I toyed with the idea, joined one of those breeder and rescue facebook pages, and looked for hours over all the little ones that needed homes (and since have unfollowed these pages because Dylan has threatened me)… On a Friday night, we saw Daisy. She wasn’t a brand new baby puppy, wasn’t extremely unnecessaily expensive, and wasn’t injured or had behavioral problems as the reason for being rehomed. For the last couple of months, I brought it up to Dylan and he would say “If you pay to adopt them, I’ll split all the other costs with you” which was enough for me.

So, this Friday. I saw Daisy’s post and messaged her previous owner for more information. After obtaining that, I brought a picture of her up to Dylan. Rarely, does Dylan say anything good about the dogs on this page, and instantly he expressed her cutesy little face and how innocent she looked (don’t worry ya’ll, we have Satan part two)…

I didn’t sleep that night,

and I looked at her picture for hours. At about 7:00am, on Saturday morning, I pulled the trigger with the agreement to Dylan. “If we see her, and Ellie doesn’t take to her instantly, we say no”. We had no investment, we didn’t know her, so we could walk away (Like it’s that easy). We dropped Ellie off to get a haircut that morning, because who doesn’t traumatize their dog with a haircut followed by adding a second family member? Then we went about our day, waiting until they could meet. When her previous owner was downstairs, we grabbed Ellie to make the big meeting. I think I saw her first and said “Yep, we’re keeping her” before we had even greeted her previous owner. Ya’ll, she’s cute okay? Then Dylan held her, and Ellie sniffed her, and the rest was history.

Adding a second dog isn’t easy.

Daisy wasn’t potty trained. Daisy barks. Daisy is afraid of men. Ellie was none of those things. But, guess what? Ellie now poops everywhere. Ellie barks all the time. and now both Daisy and Ellie aren’t afraid of either of us. Today I tried to take a nap, because I was up super early, and the two of them decided the best way to help me nap was to bark at each other for over an hour and a half.

I spent the entire first day of having Daisy, bawling my eyes out with a mental breakdown. I never thought I’d have dog regret, but I did. I was so afraid of hurting Ellie’s feelings, bringing the wrong dog into our house, and having a fear that I wouldn’t love Daisy like I love Ellie. I’ve since changed my tune, because they’re both now my children, but I just wanted you to know it’s totally normal to worry that you’re not making the right decision.

Two peas in a pod…

They are literally best friends though. When we throw them toys, Ellie always make sure Daisy gets it. They will wrestle for hours, and they FINALLY cuddle together. Daisy’s doing much better this week with potty training, and she’s a champ at night (9+ hours in a crate without whining). We let them both be out and free during the day, and they’re doing so well at that. Overall, Daisy was a great part of our family and she was Ellie’s best 1st birthday present ever! 

Yeah, Ellie finally turned one and she is the sunshine of our lives. I’m so thankful Dylan finally let me get one dog, and loves me enough to get two. (but I was told that no, we will not be getting a third) Ellie was the missing piece our family needed and Daisy is a great way to learn patience and understanding before we birth a human. These are our girls, Roosker Doodle and Doozy Woozer.

Best. Friends. Forever.

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