Adventures of a Midwest Married Couple: 2018

New Year, No Pregnancy.

Did you notice that 50% of your Facebook friends got engaged, married, or annouced a pregnancy this holiday season because SAME. When Dylan & I made our “5 year plan” like three years ago, I think at this point we were already on child #2, but honestly praise Jesus that we’re not. 

This year, is clearly the year of “doing everything without thinking”, as we’ve adopted a second dog and booked eight vacations. Yes, eight. Because who doesn’t love to max out a credit card in the name of #nobabies. I mean, that is kind of the reason we’re taking bunch of vacations this year. When we’re parents, it’s not going to be as easy to get up and get away.

Please, please read our list of vacations below and let us know the things we have to do during out 2018 travel.


We leave for Ohio in a couple weeks, and we have literally zero plans. We’re actually going away for the weekend, because we’ve never been there & that’s pretty much our entire reason for going. Yes, ultimately it’s a new place so we need to visit and it’s close enough that we don’t have to take an airplane to get there. If you know anything about Cincinnati, Columbus, or Lexington (a quick stop there as well) please share!


#Chirish. We’re pretty much part time residents of Chicago by now, and with that being said we’re going to get as drunk as the river will be green. That’s about all I need to say about that, considering we won’t remember any of it. Don’t worry everyone, I’m bringing the hangover patch!


In April we’re taking on the streets of Milwaukee. As my dad’s hobby has turned obsession, we’ll obviously be spending part of a day at the Miller Lite brewery. Luckily for me, soccer dad beer is my favorite. If you’re a local, or have been local, please let us know what other breweries are in the area, or if there’s something we just can not miss while we’re there. (Good food, anyone?)


We’re going home. People will gossip about how in shape we are this time, instead of how fat we got. #herestohoping


We have tentative plans to return to Nashville for a weekend in July as well as take on the ‘Lou. Which reminds me of the scene in Sex and The City (the movie) where Carrie’s Assistant gets her a copy of “Meet Me In St Louis” for Christmas and Carrie gifts her with a Louis Vuitton. Anyways, shoot us suggestions of places we missed our first time in Nash, and where do we need to get St Louis Style Pizza from?


Concrete Jungles where dreams are made of… We’re finally going to NEW YORK. Save the suggestions, because Dylan has a step by step vacation guide which includes 90% of the time in NYC actually in an Uber going between freaking landmarks, and being forced to go to Ellie Island which is actually the world’s lamest place ever created. (I was in 7th grade the last time I went, and wasn’t put in the group with the boy I had a crush on, so maybe I’m jaded) We’re also going to Boston during this trip and let me tell you why…

The song below is called “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”. I don’t know why Dylan and I sing Veggetales in our spare time, but I can tell you with certainty, because of these veggetables we’re going to Boston… in the fall. I hate myself. (By the way, the Veggetales creator is from Minnesota)

& I’ve never been to Boston in the fall…

I hate us.


Get to zee choppa! I have no idea why I typed that. We’re spending Christmas on a cruise ship!!!! All I want every single year is to have a tropical vacation. That’s it. I just want to go somewhere that my cell phone doesn’t work, where I don’t have to talk to anyone, and where I can just thrive on sunshine and foofy drinks. I tried to go to Mexico, and after listening to Dylan cry for two weeks, we changed the vacation to appease him and we’re going on a cruise. I will spend the entire year in Ubers, in new cities, following Dylan’s itineraries, buying stupid souvenirs and eating crappy food, but that’s okay he can pick the Christmas vacation too. totally not bitter at all. 

Add well traveled to my resume please….

Where are you going this year? Is it within 2 hours of Indianapolis, because we’ll meet you there for sure!

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