This Isn’t In A Self-Help Book

Here it comes…

I’m going to be extremely petty. This post is going to be harsh. This is not a feel good, happy go lucky, everyone rocks post. I want that to be clear, because I’m mad as hell and I deserve to stand up for myself and my platform.

I work hard on my blog. As I’m typing this, I have eight tabs open, all of which are a part of this blog. I’m talking about my winter outfits, January favorites, workouts, Ellie’s birthday, traveling, getting Daisy, being the happiest I’ve ever been, and the problem with social media. Each one of these things are important to me, measure my growth and give insight into my world. These are all things that have to do with me, sure, but more importantly, they’re things that relate to everyone. So, today, I feel like it’s necessary to point out something: I’m not the average blogger. News flash, you already knew that.

I have said this at least 39 times in the last 2.5 years of blogging. I do not fit into a niche, and if we were going to categorize me, I’d hit the “relatable millennial”. There are people that I’ve graduated with who are thriving as fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, review bloggers, deep Christian honest bloggers, etc. Since starting my blog, I’ve made it very clear that niches don’t work for me, and life isn’t about fitting into a niche, so therefore I’m here to be the voice of all of us who are a little lost.

It’s very important to me.

With that being said, my blog is not a self help book. I write about things that are dirty, honest and real. Something that’s missing from 99% of social media (that’s a whole separate post & it’s coming), and something that most bloggers don’t touch on. I touch, I touch all over it. I tell you that my relationship almost didn’t end in a marriage. I talk about feeling absolutely awful about looking in the mirror. I don’t take anything and put a positive spin on it, because life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. We talk about money problems, weight loss plateaus, dogs pooping all over the carpet, and not being comfortable inside your own head. I am the only blogger that I know who does. 

That’s not to say that every other blog I read isn’t important, it’s just different. People play on their strengths, and I play on mine. When people play on my strengths, instead of their own, I get upset.

Let’s look at it differently. If you were a photographer, and someone was using your work, taking credit for your photos (in my case, ideas), you’d be #annoyed. Actually, it’s illegal in most cases. If you were an artist, and someone copied your painting (maybe just changing the colors used), you’d be UPSET. Yet, blogging is such a large world, that I’m supposed to sit by while people use my posts to find success on their own blog. (I’m not talking about fashion, everyone does it. I’m not talking about anxiety, because that’s a whole wide world. I’m talking about being dirty, raw, and real)

You can be yourself, on your own platform, without using mine. Maybe, I’m supposed to preach that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but for the love of Jesus- this is at least the fifth time. If you’re going to show how real your life is, don’t use things that I talk about all the time, twist it just a tiny bit to fit your agenda, and proclaim that it’s your own thoughts. If you’re living the exact same life as mine, then share it, definitely, because woah. But until you’re moving three times in a year, adopting two dogs, sitting inside my giant head of anxiety, and trying to stay afloat, please don’t act like my real life is yours.

I’m petty, but I’m annoyed. I’m well spoken, write in sarcasm font, and cry myself to sleep sometimes because of people who message me that I’ve helped them. Taking my style and turning it into yours, discredits the work I put into my passion. While this blog isn’t my career, it’s my outlet. If your blog is your career, or just an outlet like me, then I wish you nothing but success. Success from your own ideas, your own life, and your own heart.

….end scene.

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