We did it, ya’ll.

A  month ago, I wrote a blog on our eleven “monthaversary” about how people who say “the first year of marriage is the hardest” are a bunch of dirty liars. You really need to read it, found here, and to them: you’re wrong The first year of marriage is whatever you put into it. I’ve been very vocal about our engagement being pretty much the worst two years of my entire life, so that probably plays into the fact that life became easier, but still… This year was a breeze compared to where we’ve been.

While I’m here to toot my own horn, because if we survived that engagement, we’re going to survive anything, I’m also here to talk about this past year, and it’s lessons… There are five things that I definitely learned this year, and hopefully Dylan can agree with me. You can read them below:

5. Sleeping with two blankets is the best decision you’ll ever make. (One for you, and one for me!) Also, when you’re asked to sleep on the couch, it’s not a fight- it’s just your wife’s turn to have the whole bed.

4. When your wife (or fiance, or girlfriend) asks you for a dog for three years, you should probably just do it. You’ll end up realizing that you’ve never needed anything more in your life, than that dog.

3. If you want to go on road trips, you have to drive. Your wife doesn’t want to, you’re the one who wants to go to the gift shop at the Jim Beam Distillery, so therefore YOU. ARE. DRIVING.

2. When you wife asks you what you want for dinner, that means she wants to eat out. Don’t answer with what you’ve meal prepped in the fridge, answer with a restaurant (but the one you know she wants)…

1. Your wife is always right, even when she’s wrong, she’s right. Arguing only will suck for you, because in the end, your wife is right.

Now, that we’ve gotten the cheesy wife, cheesy life business out of the way, I’m going to get a little bit sentimental…

Dylan. Thank you for Facebook messaging me every. single. day. until you got a phone number, and then texting me every single day since. Thank you for forcing us to leave our comfort zone, leave the state that we’d thought we’d live in forever, and take a giant leap. Thank you for all those engagement fights, where we were both lost, and thank you for helping my find rock bottom so we could rebuild. Thank you for marrying me twice last year, for having two wedding receptions with me, and for taking two Disney World honeymoons. Thank you for never being conventional, never being normal, and never letting anyone understand why we are the way we are. Thank you for finally getting us to Indianapolis, a place that was never on our “list”, but is the most at home we’ve felt since we were dating.

Thank you for always sharing your food with me, especially when I insist on not being hungry.

Thank you for letting me fart in the bed.

Thank you for kissing my face & holding my hand, even when I think PDA is disgusting.

Thank you for letting me decorate the apartment, and thank you for putting all your collectibles in a box. (Where they belong)

Thank you for eating nachos every single day for sixteen months, and for always being willing to eat where I pick.

Thank you for watching Romantic comedies, and knowing that was sarcasm, because you usually pick them.

Thank you for cleaning the house every Sunday while I watch football.

Thank you for letting me talk in weird voices, make weird faces, and touch your butt even though you hate everything I just mentioned.

Thank you for being my best friend, since September 2012, and for being my whole world since February 2013. I wish everyone else reading this could understand how far we’ve come, and could know how far we’re going to go, but you do- and that’s enough. Happy One Year Anniversary, Cat. I love you! Now, let’s get Ellie another dog (she asked for one for her birthday).

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